Well, you're here and you probably want to know a little about this site. Yes?

I wonder what should I tell you. What would you like to know?

Why I write: because I've always loved telling stories and giving advice, and because I'm always trying out and learning new things that I want to share with people. I might as well share in a space of my own making, where I get to make the rules (though honestly, secretly, there really aren't any).

What I write: around here I tend to share musings, what media I'm enjoying, bits of inspiration, tips for organization and healthy living and all sorts of things, the odd recipe here and there. I'm currently developing some new types of content. If you'd like to give some feedback, send me an email or take this survey

Who I am: a Texas girl with a master's degree in storytelling. A teacher, an animal lover, a people watcher, a plant lady. A realist and a romantic. A truth seeker.

You want to know something else? Ask!