What I'm Listening To | Ryan Adams' 1989 & Switched on Pop

I am a big Ryan Adams fan. This you may not have known about me.

I haven't been super tapped into culture news (or really, any news) lately, mostly because my work schedule and doggy schedule keeps me from being on my computer basically ever. So I had no idea this album was happening until it dropped.

And then it was everything.

I confess: I have mixed feelings about Taylor Swift. I'm fairly ambivalent, I guess. I don't think she deserves the mega fame she has. And by deserve, I mean that I think there are tons of other more talented individuals who should rule the world and don't and she does. I also don't think she has a super great voice, and she has writing ticks (as all writers do) that drive me crazy, mostly because I hear her hits a million and a half times on the radio. However, I think she has some really great songs, and her not really great songs are at least earnest and catchy, her career has had an interesting trajectory, she seems to be a genuinely good, though perhaps naive, person, and whether you love her or love to hate her, she has gotten in your world and that's a talent. I listen to her music but don't usually go out of my way for it.

I like a lot of the songs on Taylor Swift 1989 album, and Ryan Adams transformed them from pop, sing along tunes to mood music, which is exactly what I wanted. I can listen to this while I'm getting ready for work, while I'm writing, while I'm walking the dog. It fits in with my music catalog. It soothes my soul.

Basically, you should definitely check it out, and then buy the album.

Also in my ears lately, a new favorite podcast: Switched on Pop. Two guys, a songwriter and a musicologist, get together to discuss your favorite pop songs and pop artists. They dig into the inner workings of the music, comparing contemporary to classical, they sneak in some music education, and ultimately, they make you feel good about being hooked on pop music. This is the least hipster music media I've ever followed, and I dig it. Plus they tweeted back at me the other day, so of course they're my faves now. They seem to put a new episode up every other week or so, and most are 15-45 minutes long, so it's easy to keep up with!

If you are interested in hearing people who are smarter than me talk about Taylor Swift, listen to Switched on Pop's episode on Blank Space or their episode on her entire catalog so far.

What are you listening to lately?

Yours Truly, Jen

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