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I have owned exactly one iPod in my life, and this is it. I bought it in college, refurbished, around the same time I got my first car. I wanted to be able to listen to something other than the radio in my car and in between classes on campus. I rocked a discman all through high school, so this felt like a huge step up, a chance to diversify my listening experience.

I was downloading music like crazy then, trying out new music constantly and building up my collection. Before then, my music library consisted mostly of my parents' CD's and ones that had been gifted to me. The iPod was the home for this changing identity, this exploration. 80 GB of sound experimentation.

With the limited storage on the iPhone, I mostly stream music now, through Pandora, through Spotify, through Apple Music. Even the music I own exists in the cloud somewhere. It's changed the way I listen to music a lot, put me in habits of listening to the same over and over because shuffling through my whole collection, or through a category, isn't available anymore. You have to work to find something new, it feels like, when shuffle would just find something for you that you didn't even know you had. It's almost like going back to the discman, in a way.

The iPod still works. If you plug headphones into it, it will only play music in one ear, which makes it a perfect dock player. I'll put it in a drawer for months at a time and forget about it, but currently I use it as part of my wake up routine, selecting music on it to play in the morning when my dock alarm goes off.

Digging this old iPod out has inspired me to shuffle through my iTunes songs from time to time while I get ready in the morning or putter around after work. I've re-discovered some gems  and some forgotten tracks, and re-visited some favorites. I've put together a playlist of songs that have come up in my shuffle in the last couple weeks that I listened to all the way through. Maybe you'll discover something wonderful in here too.

What songs have you been re-discovering lately?

Yours Truly, Jen

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