One Year

One year ago, I brought this little girl home. It's hard to believe it's been a whole year, and also hard to believe that I haven't always had her in my life. She is the way I begin and end every single day, and she is the greatest source of joy and frustration currently in my life.

We've both learned and grown a lot in the last year. We've had our love and we've had our fights. We've had to learn not to be selfish. We both struggle with this sometimes. We've learned how to communicate. We know how to pull back when the other is about to reach the breaking point. We've both cried a little. We've cuddled a lot. I've cleaned up messes, groaned over chewed up water hoses and measuring cups and paper anything. She's suffered through long work days home alone and injuries that kept me from exercising enough with her and laziness, too. We've forgiven each other. We've walked it off. We've seen many a beautiful sunrise and sunset together.

Happy Halloween, everyone, and Happy Anniversary, Olive.

Yours Truly, Jen

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