Breakfast for Dinner Guest Appearance

One time, I dressed like a friend of mine for Halloween. She was hosting a party I had promised to attend, and she insisted that costumes were mandatory. So.

One time, I abandoned everyone I knew and moved to Virginia and earned a ~fancy~ degree.

One time, I started an audio-journal.

One time, I was a guest on the fantastically fun podcast Breakfast for Dinner, which is hosted by two fellow St. Edward's University alums, Nicole and Dago, and I talked more about all of these things and more. I honestly had no idea what a joy it would be to sit at a friend's dining room table and effectively have a recorded chat (with a little planning ahead of time), but it was an absolute blast.

You should definitely check that out. Tweet your feedback at them (and me!) and then go back and listen to all of their other episodes. Perfect way to spend a weekend.

And those are all of the words I have for you this week. Next week I'll be sharing some tips for having better mornings and some thoughts on being present, so stay tuned for those!

Yours Truly, Jen

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