This morning I spent about 45 minutes in bed past my alarm, something I've been doing a lot of lately. I've been weary and probably unexcited for the day beyond my bed. But the moment I stepped outside for my morning walk with Olive and felt the cool breeze of Fall rolling in, I felt new. I smiled our entire walk. I took deep, cleansing breaths. I felt big love for her and this day and this season.

When I was a kid, I always said Fall was my favorite season. I'm not sure why, since there's not much to show for it here in Texas. I guess I liked the back-to-school bustle, and my birthday, and the relief from the heat. I was always bored in the summer as a child, and Fall brough release, busyness.

As an adult, I've found myself feeling much nostalgia for summer. I think this has something to do with having been in Blacksburg for those years and missing out on that Texas heat. A summer there is a Texas Spring, and I yearned for swimming pools and margaritas. I have been glad to have been here this summer, though I haven't made the most of it like I could. It's been a strange couple of months. But sometimes, life does that.

In truth, I really love all of the seasons. I get tired of the same thing every day, and each new season brings change and fresh perspectives and fashion and activities and foods. Each new season makes me feel new again, too.

When we went back inside, the apartment felt stuffy, so I turned off the air conditioning and opened our big sliding door and all of the windows. Do you ever do this? It's something people do in Virginia a lot. Many homes don't even come with air conditioning there, still. The duplex Andy was living in when we met didn't have it. We'd sit Saturday mornings in front of the kitchen window eating eggs and toast. Those are some of my fondest memories from that time. It feels good to feel fresh air moving through a space, airing it out.

Olive loves windows. We sat on my bed by the one in my bedroom after I'd opened it and she lay perfectly still while I petted her softly. Between the breeze from outside and the overhead fan, the room was perfectly cool. She was calm, I was calm. I recognized that this was a perfect moment.

I think we each get a perfect moment per season, though we may not always recognize or remember them. Doesn't that seem right? I'll be on the lookout for them now, and when I feel them, I'll share them with you.

Yours Truly, Jen

P.S. I've been out sick this week, but next week I'm sharing my birthday bucket list and a book review!

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