Summer Bucket List 2015

After months of moving plans taking over my life, I'm ready to move on and up. I've loved the summer bucket lists going around the blogosphere, and since I never got around to doing a 25 before 25 list, this seemed like the perfect way to redeem 24 and push myself to have a great summer. Here are 15 things I plan (hope) to accomplish before September 1st.

1. Find a job- but seriously though. Being unemployed is the worst.
2. Finish decorating my apartment- I'm super happy with the way it's shaping up!
3. Get student loans in order- I've been putting off re-examining my options for too long.
4. Pay down some personal debt- A lot of people have helped me out during this time of transition. Time to start crossing some names off my list of IOUs.
5. Start a balcony garden- I wasn't able to take any of my plants with me. I'm excited to get some herb plants, and maybe even try my hand and container fruits and vegetables.
6. Get back on the dating scene- Ugh. I stopped dating before the move because obviously. Need to get back out there.
7. Create/Commission a blog logo- Time to start professionalising this space.
8. Host a dinner party- The best way to get together with friends is over good food and good drinks.
9. Write a story- Because it's been a while. Time to re-kindle that passion.
10. Make and blog three new recipes- I have found so many delicious recipes through blogs, and I can't wait to share more of my own.
11. Make plans with friends or family once a week- I have to remind myself to do this. I don't mean to be such a hermit, honest!
12. Make sangria- So much work if you do it right, but so delicious!
13. Buy a couch- Necessary.
14. Take Olive hiking- This will either be a great bonding experience or one of us will end up dead.
15. Plan a fun, stress-free birthday- My birthday is September 1st, so my summer bucket list will lead right into my 26 Before 26 list!

What are some of the top things on your list this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Yours Truly, Jen

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