Friday Favorites

This week has been exhausting ya'll. Adjusting to a new work schedule and being on my feet all day has taken its toll (though I'm not complaining!). I have so many posts I'm excited to share with you, but for one reason or another, I wasn't ready to publish any of them this week. Disappointing, but I'm giving myself some grace.

I get my first paycheck tomorrow and I am so stoked! First order of business? Crossing #4 off my Summer Bucket List and paying down some personal debts. That is going to be a huge weight off my shoulders. Anyway, onto some lovely links.

This episode of This American Life will make you cry.

Hold the phone, Amy and Tina are at it again. YAAS.

Oh, and I'm such a sucker for the J. Law David O. Russell films. Joy comes out this Christmas!

This picture will make you smile.

A new song by Lana del Rey?! You know I'm on it.

As someone who has recently had a first day at a new job, this video hit close to home (in a sympathetic but also funny way). And I'm not even famous.

I have all the googly eyes for this coat rack and this perfect date night outfit.

What were your favorite links and moments this week?

Yours Truly, Jen

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