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Happy Friday, ya'll! Yesterday I was offered a job, so this weekend is not only Independence Day weekend, but also my last weekend before I (gratefully, happily) re-join the ranks of employed, responsible adults. Though accepting a job offer was definitely my favorite thing this week, check out a few of my favorites from the web below!

I need cold brewed coffee in my life. My body just isn't used to the summer heat anymore and I do not want warm beverages ever. I've done the Pioneer Woman's recipe before, but hers makes a huge bucket full and I don't really feel like making that much right now. Thanks Drea for making a smaller batch recipe!

I love this list of alternative gallery wall alternative to plain ole framed pictures. Still so obsessed with home decor stuff right now. My apartment is coming along, but I definitely have a running list of things to invest in when I have some expendable income!

Heart eyes over this hairstyle. Need my hair to get longer ASAP (and yet, I'm also so tempted to cut it back off. It's so easy short!).

Okay, so I bought Maskcara's IIID foundation on Black Friday when it was first released, and I was not into it. I haven't ever had much luck with cream makeup in general, and I felt like this stuff didn't cover well enough and creased in all the wrong places. BUT, she's done some super clever marketing for her updated foundation palette (like this video) and it would be so quick and easy in the morning if it went on my face like it does in her videos and I'm super tempted to try it again. Has anyone else tried this?! If so, let me know in the comments, pretty please!

This perfectly encapsulates what I felt like last Friday.

This made me laugh out loud.

Obsessed with this song by another St. Edward's alumna.

Share one of your favorite moments/links from the week! You know you want to.

Yours Truly, Jen

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