A Bangin' Reading Rotation

Finding time to read can be difficult, I know. I have precious few non-busy hours in the day, and between keeping up with all of my favorite television shows, spending quality time with my dog, and socializing, those hours get sucked up pretty fast. But, I love to read, so this year I've made it a priority activity to find time for, with some pretty good success!

Part of keeping me excited about reading and about carving out the time for it was developing a system for choosing the order of books I want to knock off of my huge and ever expanding to read list. Over the course of the year, I've developed a pretty bangin' reading rotation, and I'm going to keep rocking that until it stops working.

For me, shorter reads tend to be essays, self-help books, and poetry and short story collections. These are all genres in which a book tends to be divided up into (mostly) self-contained sections, and often after I finish one of these sections (a chapter, an essay, a story, a few poems), I want to take a little break from the book.

Longer reads are typically books with an overarching narrative; most often for me, these are novels and memoirs. These are books that are easier to for me to get sucked into–I am more invested in the characters and I want to know what happens!–and they're also books that I don't want to put down for too long of a period of time, or I'll start to forget what I've already read.

Oh! And let me be clear: when I say short or long reads, I'm talking about short or long form. This does not refer to the overall length of the book.

When I have one of each of these types of books on hand, it a) keeps me from getting burnt out too quickly on one or the other (some books are very stressful, have strong voices that can be a little much if read all at once, etc.), b) gives me a couple of options for different reading scenarios. I want to read different things before bed than when I'm chillin by the pool or hanging out in a waiting room. And c) helps me incorporate a variety of types of reading material into my reading rotation. Since fiction is my primary genre to write in, it's important to me to keep reading and being inspired by what's out there in that genre, but I'm also really interested in a lot of other things, and I learn so much through reading.

Readers, what does your reading rotation look like? Is this something you think you want to try? Check back tomorrow to see what two books are currently in my rotation!

Yours Truly, Jen

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