I have usually found in life that when kindness is needed, really truly needed, kindness is received. And I need it now. I mentioned recently that my oldest sister has cancer. This has required multiple surgeries and soon chemo. That's expensive. I am making plans to move back to Texas, which I had been considering before, and am definitely doing now to be closer to my family during this time. This, too, is expensive. I have set up a gofundme campaign for her and for me. If you can help out with one of these, help her. If you can give a little to both, you're too wonderful. And if you can't give money, give a kind thought. Those are worth plenty to me.

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. keeping you close to my heart these days, Jen. we don't have any extra funds right now because of Dago's mom's cancer, unfortunately, but when you get here i will provide two ears, two shoulders, and lots of hugs.


  2. Nicole, I've responded to this in my head, but it never quite made it here. Thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words. We all have our own struggles to deal with. I know most of my friends don't have much money to give now, but I'm incredibly grateful for the support of all kinds that has been offered. I hope Dago's mom is doing well. We're both lucky to have strong women as role models for how to gracefully deal with health setbacks. They both seem to be doing much better with it than I ever could.


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