Meet Olive!

Hey! Here's a story for you.

It's Spring 2013. I suddenly get an irrepressible urge to get a dog. I find out about some beagles that are being re-homed for free by my school's vet school. I make an appointment to go look at the dogs. Then Andy says, we should find out how much it's going to cost us (from our rental company) to have a dog in the house before we go. I check into it. My jaw hits the floor. I cry. I scream. I make plans to get a dog without telling said rental company. Andy says no. I have all of the feelings.

Fast forward to Summer 2014, and I'm moving into my new place, a basement apartment in a house owned by my friends Dan and Amanda. Amanda asks me if I'm going to get a dog now that I live in a pet friendly home. I say no, because I know I'm going to have to move to other rentals in the future, and it doesn't seem practical. Plus, I have debt to pay off, and I shouldn't be taking on anything as expensive as a dog.

Then I get lonely, and that urge to have a dog comes back, and it comes back hard. I started talking to my coworker Heather, who has lived in the area her whole life and has the lowdown on the animal rescue situation. Because duh, obviously I'm going to get a rescue. I look around. I tell myself I am not going to get a puppy, because a puppy is going to be too much work. I drive all around, looking at dogs for weeks. I'm looking for a young dog, 1-2 years old, still trainable, still healthy and active, but not with all of that crazy puppy energy. It's hard to find dogs in this age range, because everyone wants one. I start to get frustrated, and start feeling like I have to have a dog NOW.

I had seen Olive in my local humane society before, earlier in my search, but she was a baby and I told myself no. I saw her again a second time, on a return trip to see if they'd gotten any new dogs, and I went into her kennel and played with her a bit. I almost filed paperwork on her then, but the workers said to be sure before they put her on hold, so I waited. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I went back a couple of days later and told myself that if she was still there, I would get her. She was. I put in the paperwork, and on Halloween, I picked her up.

Olive is a German Shepherd/Lab mix, which means she's smart and friendly and energetic and headstrong and food-motivated. She was a little less than four months old when I got her, and now she's 5 and a half months old. It's crazy how much she's grown up, and crazy how far we have left to go. Raising a puppy is hard, y'all! More about that later.

That's my getting my first pet (as an adult) story. I love her so much!

If you've got dog rearing/training tips or stories, lay em on me!

Yours Truly, Jen

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