Drugstore Waterproof Makeup Haul

I had some rewards bucks for CVS to spend, so I decided to try out some new waterproof makeup. Mostly because the two things I had gone in to buy (NYX waterproof concealer, which I already love, and Milani brow wax, which I've been hearing good things about, primarily from Tati's videos) were mysteriously not available. Oh well. I did, however, find some cool products I hadn't tried before.

I have some similar chubby shadow sticks from Sephora that I love, but I wanted some in more neutral shades and decided to give these a try since I already love the Rimmel liners. Bulletproof Beige is a little lighter than I had wanted it to be (like blends into my lid too much) but it makes a great base and I think it would look lovely on darker skin, so I might like it more after I have more of a tan. Bad Girl Bronze is a great medium brown that can be swept all over the lid or blended in the crease. These are so quick and easy to use. If you are too heavy handed these creams will crease, but if you keep it light and blended, they last all day.

It's really difficult to find waterproof lipstick, but there are actually a lot of waterproof lip liner options out there. I grabbed Nude Pink from NYX, which is a great, muted pink that defines the lips really nicely, and Red Diva from Rimmel, which is a really bold red. With both of these I started out by outlining the lips and then filled in the center. With both of these I found that the tip was a little soft, so you have to be careful about not pressing too hard or the tip will break off. These both wore pretty well throughout the day, but definitely did need touched up by evening.

I'm a big fan of the Scandal Eyes liners from Rimmel (I actually like these better than the Urban Decay 24/7 liners). Essie Button has been talking about loving using a navy liner instead of black lately, so when I saw this Deep Blue liner, I decided to give it a try. I've been loving blending out Bad Girl Bronze all of my lid, tightlining a waterproof black liner, and then doing this blue liner close to the lashline for a fun, quick, summer eye. Finish with waterproof mascara and you have an eye look that will last through sweat, tears, and pools.

This is an old favorite from last year. I actually still had some of the powder, but I was getting low and have long been out of the wax. For waterproof brows, you can dip your brush in the wax, then in the color, and that brow tint isn't going anywhere. My favorite drugstore brow product!

What are your favorite waterproof, meltproof makeup products for summer?

Yours Truly, Jen

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