Me, Lately (2)

I was totally going to jump right in with a makeup haul today, and then I was like wait a hot minute Jennifer. It's been a bit since you blogged, and you should probably update the patient readers on what's been going on. Right? So, if you're reading this, thanks so much for sticking around. You are a much better reader than I could ever ask for. Onto the goods.

1. I'm presently working at a jewelry store, which is a really great, non-intellectual grad school detox job, and I'm learning tons and tons about jewelry and stones and metals and all kinds of stuff. The pay isn't stellar, but it's okay for now. I love the people I work with, and I'm having a lot of fun learning new skills. I can help you pick out a gift, engagement ring, or change your watch battery. Serious life skills, people!

2. I'm getting ready to move in a month (just a local move), but I'm so anxious to be all done with packing. I might have already started packing up my office yesterday. I'm trying to get the stuff I really don't think I'll need much in the next month out of the way and save the bedroom for last.

3. I bought the cutest bikini this year. I'm so in love with it. And since I've been all aboard the body image and self love train this year, I don't feel very self conscious in it. Cute bathing suits are wasted on the self conscious, don't you think?

4. I have been super addicted to playing games on my phone lately. Need to share some new finds soon! Plus I share sneak peeks at what I'm playing on Instagram.

5. I've been running twice a week or so in the evenings, usually with a friend. Having a friend to go with has turned out to be a great motivator, because you get to socialize and exercise all in one turn. So when I'm like I don't really want to workout right now, I can be like well I do really want to see so and so, and I want to tell them about x. So then I don't cancel. And my body thanks me. I actually look forward to running for the most part. Who am I?

6. Amazon Prime just added a ton of new music that you can stream for free, which is especially great if you have the app. Seriously loving it. Listening to so much new music right now, and revisiting childhood favorites with their 90s playlists. Definitely see a What I'm Listening To post in the near future!

7. Does anyone have a Kindle Fire? Amazon keeps running deals on them and I keep thinking well maybe...not that I should be spending money on that right now, but if you have one, let me know what you think of it.

8. I'm trying out the online dating thing and have mixed feelings about it. It's so different from just organically meeting people in life, and I'm not sure if I like having so much power to choose and so much knowledge about people before ever meeting them. People can be so great or not great on paper and so not great or great in person. It's so hard to tell which way it will go!

9. I'm actually growing out my bangs. Like for real real. I've tried and failed before, but I think it's really happening this time! Does this mean I'm all grown up?

10. I am the absolute laziest about doing laundry. Why? I love wearing cute clothes, and I have stopped minding putting them away because I get to listen to a podcast or audiobook then, but the whole bother of running them through the washer and dryer is the absolute worst. Since I'm actually working out now, I need to start doing laundry more frequently so I have clean exercise clothes. Or just buy more exercise clothes. Maybe that actually isn't the worst idea...

Between the new job, new work schedule, post graduation laziness, and summer fun, I just haven't been able to get a post schedule down. Apologies! But, new content coming soon. Promise.

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. Online dating can be so rough, but also very rewarding! I did it for two years (on and off), and I met a bunch of wonderful people. That's actually how I met my boyfriend, Kevin! But I also met a lot of rude men (or maybe I should call them boys since that's how they acted!) who treated me like I was a piece of meat or like I was desperate for love so they could get away with anything. My big advice: Always remember what you deserve and don't settle for less! And you also made a great point -- that people who sound good online may not be good in person and vice versa! There were so many guys I met for quick dates because they wrote flawless profiles, but when we sat down face-to-face, there just wasn't anything. No spark. No common interests. I actually really disliked my boyfriend's profile though, and now look - here we are dating! haha It's amazing how it works out in the end! Just keep your head up and remember you deserve only the best!

    I LOVE that swim suit!

  2. I agree with you, Nicole! I did online dating on and off for two years, and it was a great -- but sometimes tough -- experience. But, I really did learn a lot about what I wanted in a long term relationship. Most importantly, I learned more about myself and realized what I deserve to have in a partnership.

  3. Welcome back! I am the exact opposite with laundry -- I don't mind running it through the machines but I hate taking the time to put it all away. Even with music. Lol.

  4. Having something to listen to and engage in is really important for me to partake in that activity. Music usually won't cut it. If I know laundry is coming up, I'll save up a favorite podcast or listen to an audiobook while I do it. I have a post on some of my favorite podcasts if you're interested!

  5. I'm really glad the black swimsuit bottoms worked out for you, because they didn't look as great on me. I wish this one was available as separates because I could probably do a size down in the top, but with the straps pulled tight it definitely works and I love it enough (and it wasn't too too expensive) that I decided to keep it. I definitely plan to write more about the living situation thing soon, probably after the move, and the online dating thing after I've been on more dates. Right now I've only been on there like a month or so and I've been on three dates, so I definitely don't have anything super helpful to say about it yet. I feel like I need to have been on quite a few more dates and/or found a partner through it before I would feel "qualified" to talk about it, but I plan to at some point for sure because I have a lot of thoughts about the whole process. I can completely understand the running fear--that knee injury was no joke! Maybe running somewhere different would set you at ease more? The guy at the running store told me that other than grass or dirt trail, a track is the easiest thing on your body, then the road, and last sidewalk (I'm guessing you were doing sidewalk at the park?). Maybe go run at the track at St. Ed's? I know Melissa @ The Blushing Dreamer does that sometimes. If this job paid more, I would absolutely be in love with it, so that's really the only catch. It's fun, the people are great, and I feel like I'm learning stuff that will be useful to me presently and in the future as a consumer, so that's really cool. Plus you stare at pretty stuff all day and there is no clothes folding or anything like that at other retail jobs. I think I've had bangs nonstop since like my sophomore year of high school, and it just felt like it was time to try something else. I'm pretty sure I'll end up getting them again sooner rather than later, but I want to give the no bangs look a fair shake. It's something I've tried so many times, I feel proud of myself for finally having some follow through. The funny thing is, I've actually taken pictures a few times for posts, and then never written the posts, and I was looking back through my drafts and I have a few almost finished ones that just never got published. I just wasn't organized and together enough to produce things I was happy with, and I needed some time to focus on other things and give myself a break from assignments, even if there were assignments from myself. I have so many things I'm interested in and what to write about, it can be hard to find balance and make sure I'm giving time to all of them. I'm hoping to work out some kind of schedule so there's a good rotation of content going up on the blog!

    Thanks for the super thoughtful comment, lady. More info soon!

  6. I'm so glad to hear a success story, Blake. I seem to hear people all the time saying like a friend of a friend found their partner through OK Cupid or Match or whatever, but I personally actually in real life don't know too many people who have had positive results from online dating. You help me think maybe it's not a waste of time! I'm trying to embrace the whole meeting different, interesting people thing, and that part is really cool, but it's super disappointing when you think someone is going to be great based on your online conversation and, like you said, absolutely no spark in person, just not happening. We'll see how it goes!

  7. So so happy for you!!! I'm sure it's nice to finally have a break from the grad school life. I'm also so proud to hear you're running a couple times a week! Once you get past the getting started stage, you learn to love it. Also, I love that you found a swimsuit that you absolutely love! You go girl.

    The Blushing Dreamer

  8. Thanks! I have been getting into it. Today I am supposed to run for 20 minutes without stopping to walk. We'll see how that goes!


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