Friday Favorites

I took a little break there, even from the Friday Favorites posts, so some of these I've been saving for a couple of weeks. Still worth sharing, I think! Check out some of my favorite links from around the web below!

Finnish designers have created a stunning range of swimsuits specifically for women who have lost a breast through breast cancer.
5 Truths About Body Love. Yes!

This fat girl dancing. I don't care what you think when you hear that phrase, just click on it.

Swimsuits designed specifically for breast cancer survivors. Most brilliant thing ever.

This Then & Now video. With blogging and Youtube and the internet, people often only see people at their best, most confident, most beautiful (and that translates to homes, jobs, etc.) and they don't get a good sense of what your life is really like, and they compare themselves to where they are to where you are. That's so tough, so I think this conversation is really important to have about the falseness of being on camera (not that you're being fake, but that it is a purposeful, edited entity) and developing as a person.

Alexa Chung doing her own eyeliner. I'm just going to watch this over and over again until I can get mine to look just like hers. Which of course it impossible, because her eyes are shaped much differently than mine. But a girl can dream.

This makeup look. So perfect for summer.

This site for affordable, print at home art. Plus they have a new free piece each week!

What are your favorite things from the web this week?

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. that woman is a phenomenal dancer. i would love to be that flexible and graceful and sexy!
    holy shit alexa makes it look so easy!

  2. Me too! And yeah, I wear winged liner like almost every day and I'm nowhere near that good at it. But it did take her a hot minute to get it done, so that made me feel better about it. My eye shape works against me. Boo.


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