Friday Favorites

Packing is in full swing, and I'm hosting my very first ever yard sale tomorrow! I have a couple of friends who are getting in on the action, so between us it should be a pretty sweet (and fun) yard sale. I'll post deets later on! For now, here are some of my favorite links this week.

This video reminding women that we shouldn't apologize when there's nothing to apologize for.

How to pronounce designer names. Because, you know, just because something is out of your price range doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to pronounce it correctly. Or maybe that makes it even more important?

35 practical steps men can take to support feminism. I had to share this immediately after reading on my personal Facebook page because I feel like I know so many people who really need to read this, and I have to say, reading this also made me so much more comfortable with my own ideas about what I can/should expect and deserve out of a healthy relationship. I feel like before I thought things like sharing household chores and parenting equally were fair and right, but we probably weren't there yet and I couldn't really expect it to happen, whereas now I definitely feel like I don't want to be in a relationship with anyone who isn't willing to at least put thoughtful action towards this. Dating had caused me to really start thinking about what I want and need in a relationship and a partner, and this list helped me add a few things for sure. In some places I think the author goes a little overboard, and I definitely don't support the idea that men should be put in second place after women, but I think people need to be more thoughtful about evening out time and fiscal responsibilities.

This article debunking stereotypes about fat people is everything.

I am so glad more stuff is coming out about the influence the things you say as a parent can have on your kid, like in this video. Being a parent is hard, and anything and everything you say has the potential to shape your child's future. Being thoughtful about how the things you say makes your kid see him or herself is so important. The same video could (and should) be made for boys being pushed towards the sciences and away from things like theatre and art.

The Daily Show on sexual assault. Jessica Williams knows what's up.

Yours Truly, Jen

Friday Favorites

I took a little break there, even from the Friday Favorites posts, so some of these I've been saving for a couple of weeks. Still worth sharing, I think! Check out some of my favorite links from around the web below!

Finnish designers have created a stunning range of swimsuits specifically for women who have lost a breast through breast cancer.
5 Truths About Body Love. Yes!

This fat girl dancing. I don't care what you think when you hear that phrase, just click on it.

Swimsuits designed specifically for breast cancer survivors. Most brilliant thing ever.

This Then & Now video. With blogging and Youtube and the internet, people often only see people at their best, most confident, most beautiful (and that translates to homes, jobs, etc.) and they don't get a good sense of what your life is really like, and they compare themselves to where they are to where you are. That's so tough, so I think this conversation is really important to have about the falseness of being on camera (not that you're being fake, but that it is a purposeful, edited entity) and developing as a person.

Alexa Chung doing her own eyeliner. I'm just going to watch this over and over again until I can get mine to look just like hers. Which of course it impossible, because her eyes are shaped much differently than mine. But a girl can dream.

This makeup look. So perfect for summer.

This site for affordable, print at home art. Plus they have a new free piece each week!

What are your favorite things from the web this week?

Yours Truly, Jen

What I'm Reading | One More Thing & How Did You Get This Number

So of course I'm done with grad school and the first two books I pick up during the summer are totally things I would have read while I was in grad school. And by "pick up" I mean purchased on Audible, and by "read" I mean listen to. But whatever. I have real plans to get a public library card (gasp! So retro!) and actually browse through the library and get shushed for giggling or what have you and come home with a stack of books that I can't possibly read in the alotted time and get late fees and continually keep re-checking out the same books all summer. And by that I mean I have real plans to actually bring home a book and lay my eyeballs on it and actually read it. Not physically lay my eyeballs on the book like physically, like taking them out of my head and just laying there like some corny horror film, but...we understand each other, right?

True story: when you go to grad school for an MFA in English, you read a whole heck of a lot. Student papers and the work of your peers and your advisors and feedback on your work and the feedback you've written for others and it's a lot of writing and reading and reading for pleasure becomes not so much a thing. Because these eyeballs can only take so much strain in one day. So all of the pleasure reading. Recommendations please!

B.J. Novak has a book, and it's surprisingly delightful. Joanna had lovely things to say about it, so I was like okay, I'ma give this a go, but I honestly didn't have high expectations for it. The audiobook is great because the author actually narrates most of the book, and he has great guest readers like Katy Perry and Mindy Kaling. There are really short microfictions, there are longer stories; all of the stories are a little funny, smart, somewhat ridiculous, and at the end of each story, I had to think, did I like that? What conclusions can I come to? Is this a story? And I loved that it was fun and also made me think. When you pick up this book, you can expect to read about a rematch race between the tortoise and the hare, what kind of music people listen to in heaven, how to get over an ex, the greatest advice in the world, the best way to utilize missed connections, and much more. Also, check out the book trailer.

I'm about halfway through this book by Sloane Crosley and so far I definitely feel like I liked I Was Told There'd Be Cake better. Did anyone else feel this way? I like this book, but I was definitely more taken with the other one. This is an interesting problem/question for personal essay writers: do you inevitably use up your best stories in your first book? But shouldn't you also be better at writing a book of essays, since you've already done it before? Are subsequent books less interesting because the style of writing is no longer new and fresh and exciting and we start to recognize all of the ticks in your writing and how weird your metaphors are? When I finish this book, I'll check back in. But this is how I'm feeling now.

What's on your summer reading list? And/or what have you read lately that's super good? I have a pretty long reading list, but I'm actively searching for recommendations to add to it. Tell me everything I'm missing!

Yours Truly, Jen

Drugstore Waterproof Makeup Haul

I had some rewards bucks for CVS to spend, so I decided to try out some new waterproof makeup. Mostly because the two things I had gone in to buy (NYX waterproof concealer, which I already love, and Milani brow wax, which I've been hearing good things about, primarily from Tati's videos) were mysteriously not available. Oh well. I did, however, find some cool products I hadn't tried before.

I have some similar chubby shadow sticks from Sephora that I love, but I wanted some in more neutral shades and decided to give these a try since I already love the Rimmel liners. Bulletproof Beige is a little lighter than I had wanted it to be (like blends into my lid too much) but it makes a great base and I think it would look lovely on darker skin, so I might like it more after I have more of a tan. Bad Girl Bronze is a great medium brown that can be swept all over the lid or blended in the crease. These are so quick and easy to use. If you are too heavy handed these creams will crease, but if you keep it light and blended, they last all day.

It's really difficult to find waterproof lipstick, but there are actually a lot of waterproof lip liner options out there. I grabbed Nude Pink from NYX, which is a great, muted pink that defines the lips really nicely, and Red Diva from Rimmel, which is a really bold red. With both of these I started out by outlining the lips and then filled in the center. With both of these I found that the tip was a little soft, so you have to be careful about not pressing too hard or the tip will break off. These both wore pretty well throughout the day, but definitely did need touched up by evening.

I'm a big fan of the Scandal Eyes liners from Rimmel (I actually like these better than the Urban Decay 24/7 liners). Essie Button has been talking about loving using a navy liner instead of black lately, so when I saw this Deep Blue liner, I decided to give it a try. I've been loving blending out Bad Girl Bronze all of my lid, tightlining a waterproof black liner, and then doing this blue liner close to the lashline for a fun, quick, summer eye. Finish with waterproof mascara and you have an eye look that will last through sweat, tears, and pools.

This is an old favorite from last year. I actually still had some of the powder, but I was getting low and have long been out of the wax. For waterproof brows, you can dip your brush in the wax, then in the color, and that brow tint isn't going anywhere. My favorite drugstore brow product!

What are your favorite waterproof, meltproof makeup products for summer?

Yours Truly, Jen

Me, Lately (2)

I was totally going to jump right in with a makeup haul today, and then I was like wait a hot minute Jennifer. It's been a bit since you blogged, and you should probably update the patient readers on what's been going on. Right? So, if you're reading this, thanks so much for sticking around. You are a much better reader than I could ever ask for. Onto the goods.

1. I'm presently working at a jewelry store, which is a really great, non-intellectual grad school detox job, and I'm learning tons and tons about jewelry and stones and metals and all kinds of stuff. The pay isn't stellar, but it's okay for now. I love the people I work with, and I'm having a lot of fun learning new skills. I can help you pick out a gift, engagement ring, or change your watch battery. Serious life skills, people!

2. I'm getting ready to move in a month (just a local move), but I'm so anxious to be all done with packing. I might have already started packing up my office yesterday. I'm trying to get the stuff I really don't think I'll need much in the next month out of the way and save the bedroom for last.

3. I bought the cutest bikini this year. I'm so in love with it. And since I've been all aboard the body image and self love train this year, I don't feel very self conscious in it. Cute bathing suits are wasted on the self conscious, don't you think?

4. I have been super addicted to playing games on my phone lately. Need to share some new finds soon! Plus I share sneak peeks at what I'm playing on Instagram.

5. I've been running twice a week or so in the evenings, usually with a friend. Having a friend to go with has turned out to be a great motivator, because you get to socialize and exercise all in one turn. So when I'm like I don't really want to workout right now, I can be like well I do really want to see so and so, and I want to tell them about x. So then I don't cancel. And my body thanks me. I actually look forward to running for the most part. Who am I?

6. Amazon Prime just added a ton of new music that you can stream for free, which is especially great if you have the app. Seriously loving it. Listening to so much new music right now, and revisiting childhood favorites with their 90s playlists. Definitely see a What I'm Listening To post in the near future!

7. Does anyone have a Kindle Fire? Amazon keeps running deals on them and I keep thinking well maybe...not that I should be spending money on that right now, but if you have one, let me know what you think of it.

8. I'm trying out the online dating thing and have mixed feelings about it. It's so different from just organically meeting people in life, and I'm not sure if I like having so much power to choose and so much knowledge about people before ever meeting them. People can be so great or not great on paper and so not great or great in person. It's so hard to tell which way it will go!

9. I'm actually growing out my bangs. Like for real real. I've tried and failed before, but I think it's really happening this time! Does this mean I'm all grown up?

10. I am the absolute laziest about doing laundry. Why? I love wearing cute clothes, and I have stopped minding putting them away because I get to listen to a podcast or audiobook then, but the whole bother of running them through the washer and dryer is the absolute worst. Since I'm actually working out now, I need to start doing laundry more frequently so I have clean exercise clothes. Or just buy more exercise clothes. Maybe that actually isn't the worst idea...

Between the new job, new work schedule, post graduation laziness, and summer fun, I just haven't been able to get a post schedule down. Apologies! But, new content coming soon. Promise.

Yours Truly, Jen