New Projects!

I have been so busy starting new projects left and right I just have to find a good schedule for myself to maintain them all. Anyway, I wanted to let you know about two new blog projects that I'm currently working on in addition to Yours Truly. These are two writing projects in two very different veins, so maybe one (or both) will be of interest to you!

I got the idea for this site because I wanted to have a place with great resources that I could point my creative writing student to so that those of them that want to keep writing can have a good place to go to keep learning about writing on their own. I ended up taking that idea and developing it for a Digital Humanities course I took this spring, and now I'm working on trying to expand it and get as many new resources up as I can. Basically, this is a repository of free, online resources available to creative writers and teachers of creative writing. So if you fall into one or both of those categories, follow on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Bloglovin, and please submit any resources you love that you don't already see up there! This site is still really new, so I appreciate any and all feedback and, of course, resources to add.

Feminists Watching TV

I started this project with my friend Jasmine because I watch and wanted a space to write about just that. I thought it would make a fun collaborative project and knew the perfect gal to co-write. I watch a lot of trashy TV that I love but that can be problematic to me as a feminist, and there are also a lot of shows that are doing it right that I want to highlight. So yeah, if you want to see me and my friend(s) (we may be inviting some new people to write soon!) talk about our favorite television shows, check that out and follows us on Twitter.

I realized the other day that right now I have three blogging projects going on three different platforms (Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumblr), but since I already bought up some server space for Want to Write because it really needed to be a project, I think I'm going to be transitions Yours Truly over to Wordpress as well, once I figure out how to do that and all. What new projects have you been working on lately?

Yours Truly, Jen

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