Friday Favorites

-You guys, I am actually graduating! I keep waiting for someone in the graduate school to be like nope, you never turned in X paperwork so we're holding you back, but I got an email asking me to double check my spelling for the graduation program, so I feel like it's real now. Still finishing up a final project and grading, but this semester is wrapping up real fast.
-This list on finding affordable art. I haven't really had time yet, but I can definitely see myself getting lost in online shopping real soon on this sites.
-This list of budget-friendly jewelry brands. I had never shopped at any of these sites before, and I've really been blown away with the variety and the reasonable prices on most of these sites.
-Perfect summer cocktail. Cannot wait to make this. Maybe to celebrate final grades being put in?
-This looks like a lovely way to stay caffeinated over the summer. I did the Pioneer Woman's iced coffee last year and it was fabulous, so I might try these gals' variation this year. Love how iced coffee is just ready to go in the morning, no effort required.
-This list of grammar mistakes that make you look bad. I already know all of these (largely because I've taught them to my freshman students in the past), but it's always good for a refresher, and I love that people are putting out these lists. I know that for most people grammar is boring and unimportant, but it has more of an effect on the way people perceive you than you know, especially now that so much of our lives is online (you can now proceed to find every grammar mistake in the post).
-This online magazine. They are publishing such amazing, important stories, stories that are often hard to tell and hard to read, but both need to happen. A good friend of mine published this article there not long ago. If you have an extra moment in your day, please read.
-I have two new projects to share with you soon! I'm seriously excited about both of them, and I can't wait to tell you more about them. Now that I'm wrapping up the MFA program, I'm really excited to be able to dedicate more time to my independent projects. I'm also excited to get back into writing mode (I've mostly been editing for the past year).

What are your favorite moments/things around the web this week?

Yours Truly, Jen

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