If You're Single This Valentine's Day You Should...

-Stay in, make yourself a tasty treat, and watch your favorite romantic films (btw, for those of you with a Prime membership, the Amazon Instant Video Valentine's picks are killing it. You've Got Mail, The Painted Veil, Stardust, Like Crazy, Shakespeare In Love, etc. Awesomeville)
-Get together with a bunch of single friends. Go to a wine tasting or stay in and make pizza, hang out, be around people who care about you
-Settle in with a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine and a good book or magazine
-Dress up and take lots of selfies
-Remind yourself why you love yourself
-Write down 10 things you're grateful for
-Binge on your favorite season of something on Netflix
-Get your blood pumping with some good exercise and take a long hot shower afterward
-Make a healthyish dessert
-Sing your heart out at karaoke
-Catch up on your sleep
-Light some candles and have a relaxing, fragranced bath
-Put on some music and dance
-Try a new cocktail recipe
-Order in your favorite takeout
-Make a snowman (if you're caught in this winter storm!)
-Listen to/watch some good comedy and laugh a lot
-Buy yourself a little something, like a new pair of shoes or a lipstick or a nice candle or a book
-Talk on the phone or Skype with someone you love
-Do one of those millions of crafts you've pinned on Pinterest
-Finally get that new haircut you've been thinking about
-Go on a long walk and listen to an audiobook or podcast

Valentine's Day has always seemed like a silly holiday to me. I feel like you shouldn't need to have a designated day to remind people that you love them. That being said, sometimes we forget to really appreciate life and all that we have and I think holidays are a good time to pause and remind ourselves about that. It's easy to feel sad or lonely on envious on Valentine's Day, but this year, I challenge you to feel differently. Instead of being sad that you don't have a partner to do something special for you, I challenge you do something special for yourself. Whether it be a gift of an object you've been wanting, a food you've been craving, or an experience you haven't made the time for, make this day about you, even if only for an hour. Remember that there are people in your life who love you, and allow yourself to celebrate the love that you do have, rather that mourn the love you don't. And if you get to the end up the day and you're still feeling down, turn on some loud music and shake what your mama gave you. Live joyfully.

Yours Truly, Jen

P.S. I would love to hear about your plans for today in the comments, whether you're single or not, and if you plan to incorporate anything from this list into your day!


  1. I love these tips Jen! I'm def treating myself to lots of amazing singleton surprises today, and doing all the things I love doing alone: eating a fancy meal, baking, and watching Bridget Jones. I even got myself some new lipstick and a Kitchen Aid mixer. I love this day!

  2. Love these ideas! I definitely ate way too many sweets, dressed up and jammed to TSwift all day. It was wonderful, but I really need to get a haircut too. It's time for little change!



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