Friday Favorites

Oi oi, tomorrow I'm submitting to my readers a revised draft of my thesis! Then they read it, write up their responses, I read those responses, do my final revisions, submit my final thesis, and defend! Holy bejezus. I kind of can't believe it. Like I'm waiting every day for someone to tell me I can't graduate because of x reason. Because that's totally going to happen ya'll. I'm not kidding. Anyway, yeah. That's my life right now. On to links!

-This post on having a great life without spending a lot of money. A great attitude to walk through life with!
-Eating in restaurants by yourself. I always thought it would be terrible, but it's really not. You get to order whatever you want without judgment at the pace you want and you get to be rude without being rude and be on your phone and you don't have to get up to refill your own water glass.
-This bar cart. So gorgeous and would work in any room!
-This story. Listened to it again last night because I'm teaching it in my creative writing class. Great listen!
-These no bake granola bars. Must make pronto pronto.
-This easy DIY project. Easy, beautiful, functional. What more do you need?
-This stir fry recipe. In my future!
-This video about designing your body and life. I love tips on getting organized and I've definitely been feeling like I need to take more control of my life. Think I'm going to put this binder together this weekend!
-I moved around a couple of pieces of furniture in my bedroom the other day and I'm kind of into it. I haven't done that in forever. I was the kid who moved her own furniture like 6 times a year. Just shifted everything around to try something new. Adults don't do that very much. Mostly because (at least in my case) my furniture is pretty heavy. So yeah. That was a fun diversion.

What are your favorites for the week?

Yours Truly, Jen

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