Friday Favorites

Blogging just hasn't been in the cards for me this semester. I'm getting ready to graduate, constantly revising my thesis, and trying to figure out what's next for me. After the breakup I intended to take a short break and then be back, and that's not exactly what happened. Anyway, I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite things in life and around the web on Fridays as a way of keeping you updated on what's going on with me and sharing some awesome stuff with you. Sound good?

-This computer/phone wallpaper selection. As soon as I saw them, I downloaded all of them and immediately put the third one as my background on my phone and the last one as my desktop wallpaper.
-This hairstyle. Need to start accessorizing my hair immediately. I have delicate ears though, so I can't do a headband and glasses. So obvi I need to start wearing contacts again. I'm so lazy about it.
-These sandals. Joanna linked to these in her spring wishlist and I became instantly obsessed with the style. Need wedge sandals in every color please!
-This granola recipe. Remember my choose your own adventure granola post? That recipe is super flexible, but this is so different, plus I always am looking for different ways to use overripe bananas and beat the breakfast blues. Win win!
-This coat. It's neutral, but so different from anything I own. I'm looking to switch up my wardrobe a bit, and I'm really tempted to buy this for next year!
-These heels. I have been really into black and white and black and tan heels for a while now, and have yet to purchase a pair. These are so unique!
-This mug. Melissa included this in her spring wishlist and I was instantly smitten. Most of the mugs in our house are Andy's, and pretty much all of the ones I own have been given to me. I'm suddenly itching to start my own beautiful mug collection.
-This show. I was looking for something to marathon last weekend when I was sick and decided to give this a try. I haven't had a lawyer show in my TV schedule for a while, and I was surprised when I got really into this. I've seen previews for this show all the time and never given it a thought, and now here I am!
-This sweater. Story of my life.
-This nailpolish. My nails have just not been cooperative in keeping color on lately, so I'm looking to try something new. Plus, I definitely need some new spring colors!

What are you loving lately?

Yours Truly, Jen

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