Send Your Thank-You's

Man, the break is flying by and I still have so much to do before school starts back up. In between getting my course calendar in shape and working on my thesis, I'm also really pumped about working on my resolutions and goals for the year and getting myself organized. One my birthday goals was to send letters and cards via snail mail, and in my birthday goals reflection I decided that I really needed to re-invigorate that goal since I hadn't made it happen yet.

I found these cute little cards in the Target Dollar Spot shortly before Christmas, and I even brought them back to Texas with me thinking I might write some cards while I was there, but that totally didn't happen.

I decided a couple of days ago that I would really like to send some thank you cards after all of the kind things people did for me while I was back in Texas, so I actually sat down and wrote out four letters in one sitting. I still have a couple more I need to get to, but that's all I could do at once!

Another thing that I did was put my cards, including some older ones that I dug out of my closet, and stamps in an old Birchbox container to keep on my desk, that way I have a constant reminder to put more letters in the mail! I'm keeping my eye out for some affordable, pretty stationary paper as well.

I just think getting real letters in the mail, as opposed to a bill or junk or catalogs and magazines, is a really sweet and thoughtful surprise, and it doesn't happen very often. The thank you card is another tradition that has really fallen by the wayside, and I know that I always love to receive one. Why not send out a couple of thank you's of your own this year?

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. Love this. I love receiving smail mail. This past year I made a printed calendar with all my friends and families birthdays on it. It has helped me do much better about thinking to send them a little mail for their birthday

  2. Yes! I have most of my friends' birthdays and things marked on my digital calendar via the Facebook sync up, but I need to go back and add some reminders in. My boyfriend's mom and grandma always send a card for everything, and I just think it's super sweet!


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