Me, Lately

1. I created a Twitter account specifically for the blog. You can follow it here. I pretty much refuse to create separate accounts in Google anymore just because they make it so hard to log in and out of different accounts now (am I the only one who thinks this?), but stuff like Twitter is easy to switch between. I realized when I started using Twitter for a class recently that I have person stuff, I have blog stuff, and I have academic stuff all in one account. I honestly don't use Twitter very much so it never really bothered me before, but I figured eh, let's create a separate account. Plus the username will make it easier for people to find. If you're following the old account, you're welcome to still follow, but the new account is where I'll be posting all blog related stuff.

2. I've kind of been getting into Instagram, which I totally didn't expect. Although I don't follow a ton of people right now, I like having a picture feed and I like posting little daily stuff. If you're interested in micro blogging or seeing what my day to day life looks like, or what's on my nails, or whatever, you can check it out here. While I'm not posting very often here right now, that's a better way to keep up with me.

3. I've been really into stir fry. And pasta. They're both great things to whip up without a recipe, which is nice when you're cooking only for yourself, and they make great leftovers.

4. I finally got a remote for my camera, so I'm planning to take some self portraits soon. I've really digged the idea since the A Beautiful Mess Girls talked about it forever ago and I just never had convenience equipment to do it before.

5. I'm doing pretty well on my New Year's Resolutions. I'll be talking more about this soon. How about you?

6. I recently got my first Graze box after a friend turned me onto it. Have you guys tried any healthy snack box services? Graze delivers natural snacks every two weeks. Each box comes with four, individually portioned snacks and costs 6 dollars. I've only tried one of my snacks so far, but I liked it. I feel like the box is a little overpriced, but it's a nice way to add a little variety to your diet. Plus they do customize as you rate the snacks on the website, so that's cool (no, they aren't sponsoring me or anything). If you want to try it, you can use my friend code and get your first and fifth box free: vyfk3rkme.

7. I hate weather that causes me to have to watch my feet while walking. And causes me to be cold in my own home. And strikes fear into my heart when I'm backing up down my driveway.

8. I'm really enjoying teaching creative writing so far. It's the bomb. Before this I was teaching comp which I really liked, but generally the students are more engaged in the creative writing class and it's a little more playful. It's a nice change of pace.

9. The thing that's almost worse than being broken up with is the way that everyone then asks how are you doing and you know that they really mean how are you doing in reference to the breakup and it's awkward because you just really don't want to talk about it. But you would be super sad and offended if they didn't care or ask about how you are doing. So it just sucks all around.

10. I'm turning in a first draft of my thesis on Friday and it's terrifying/exciting. It's going to be rough, and there are many revisions ahead in the next month and a half, but yay!

How are you, lately?

Yours Truly, Jen

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  1. Thank you for the update. I'm glad to hear about your strength and growth. Though my circumstances are quite different, I am inspired to have the same attitude for 2014.



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