Birthday Goals Reflection

Happy New Year y'all! This fall semester was a lot more difficult than I expected it to be, and I'm sure the spring will be the same. While I've been working on finishing up my thesis and my degree, I've also been working on personal goals, personal growth, and my relationship with Andy. New Year's is a great time to look back on the year and look ahead to the next, so I thought it would be a good time to check in one my birthday goal list and show you (and me) how I'm doing.
1. I really wanted to start focusing on publishing, but right now having a complete thesis that I'm proud of is the priority. Hopefully as I finish up stories this semester I will also start sending them out, but with the typical turnaround of literary journals, it's fairly unlikely that anything would be published by my birthday. An acceptance would be close enough, but we'll see.

2-4. This is stuff that will be happening this spring, so I'll get back to you!

5. Andy and I went to Charlottesville for the first time, which was awesome, and I went to Lampases, Texas for the first time just recently to visit family, so that counts. I'm hoping to work in a second fun weekend trip with Andy at some point though, maybe over Spring Break or the summer.

6.  In addition to bringing in our herb plants for the winter, we also snagged a couple of curb plants and bought some tropical plants on sale at Kroger. So yeah, rocking this one. I keep really wanting to buy a lemon tree, which you're supposed to be able to grow indoors, but I've waited so long at this point that I'm probably going to wait until I move before doing it.

7. I actually have not been baking a ton recently. I've made some fairly extravagant desserts in the past (at least by my definition), but none recently. It's basically guaranteed that I'll be making one for Andy's birthday though.

8. I have made zero effort whatsoever on this one. Seriously. I need to sign myself up for a class and just do it. I'm definitely planning to make fitness more of a focus this year.

9. I am well on my way for this one. By my count I've read 4 books and am currently working on 2 different ones. That's a little slower than my usual rate, but I've been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts and reading individual stories and articles and blogs, so while my reading time has increased substantially, my book consumption has decreased. Alas.

10. I actually bought my very first pencil skirt maybe a month ago. I don't think it's a magic pencil skirt that takes away 10 pounds or anything, but it's cute and I'll be sharing it with you soon.

11. See number 8.

12-13. I had previously planned to have a solid draft of my thesis done early in the fall semester and then spend a lot of time sending out applications. That did not happen. I've also since decided that while I've really loved teaching, I feel like I might need a break from academia. So I will definitely be sending out applications in the spring, but maybe not the same ones I thought I would, and I may not apply for any fellowships after all. Maybe I'll apply for some small ones. We'll see what's available once I get a draft of my thesis handed in.

14. This hasn't really happened. I have been recording some good things via this blog and Instagram, but not all in one place like I wanted to. This will be a good one to re-invigorate in the new year.

15. Andy and I have gone on a couple of walks, but we used to walk together fairly frequently. I definitely want to do more of this.

16. This will probably be happening this spring or summer. After it's warmed up. Cause yeah.

17. I've looked into this, but I've put it off a couple of times because I wanted to cross check prices more. I'm so ready for some new hangers though, so this will be happening soon.

18. I'm really disappointed that I haven't done this yet. I've bought some cute little cards and set some reminder alarms on my phone, and still nothing. This is definitely a goal to re-invigorate.

19. I got this one taken care of right off this bat with Andy and I's Charlottesville trip.

20. After Andy and I finally finished 30 Rock we felt like we needed another sitcom in our lives, so we started watching Parenthood, which is totally awesome. Thus, Battlestar has been delayed again. If it doesn't happen in the spring, it will surely happen over the summer.

21. I had no problem getting this one done. I have another What I'm Listening To coming up, and see the first one here.

22. I had a really hard time getting this done in the fall due to a fluctuating babysitting schedule, a small change in my teaching schedule mid semester, and having to work to meet deadlines a lot. I'll try again for the spring semester!

23. Andy and I have actually put a lot of thought into this, but haven't quite pulled the trigger yet. You have to invite the right number of people for the games you want to play, those people should know and like each other, and you want to do it on a weekend where you don't have a lot going on so you can hang around without worrying about anything. It'll happen.

24. This is one that doesn't have a eureka moment where it's like, I'm done. I have definitely been learning a lot about this, but I would really like a chest freezer so I can freeze bigger stuff and I would really like to learn more.

Because I'm a crazy person, I bolded the stuff that I consider done, italicized the stuff that I have put definite work towards, and left normal the goals that still need to happen. After looking back at this list, I'm feeling pretty okay about it. 5 completely done, 3 that are getting there, 16 that will be (hopefully) happening sometime in the next 9 months. That's not bad! Since creating these goals, some of my priorities and wishes have definitely shifted, so some of these goals I'm okay with not reaching. What are your goals for the new year? Or if you have a list like this, how are you doing?

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. hahahha that last one made me laugh out loud!

  2. For yoga, you should look into black swan yoga tv. It's like netflix in that you pay $8 for one teacher's unlimited videos. Then you can do it at home and it's a lot cheaper. However, I would take some in person classes somewhere first if you've never done yoga so they can show you the correct form

  3. That's sounds awesome, and I will definitely be looking into that. I have access to unlimited yoga and pilates classes this semester for 15 bucks, but as soon as I graduate I'm going to need a cheap option. This way I will learn the correct form this semester, and then I can do the videos after that. Thanks!


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