20 Things About Me

I always feel uncomfortable talking about myself; writing a bio is my worst nightmare. I think a lot of people feel this way. I prefer to put myself into fiction, little bits, little habits, little ideas, little memories of mine into each story. But, by this age, I know a lot about myself, and I don't expect myself to change too terribly much anymore. I mean, I'm always changing--growing up, having new ideas, fulfilling wishes, etc.--but I don't expect things that are inherent about myself to shift too drastically. Not too many of them anyway. Since I'm bringing the focus inward right now, I thought I'd post some more information about myself. Making these lists occasionally is fun, inwardly reflecting and labeling, and you're still getting to know me after all. I'm still letting you.

  1. I'm a yo-yo body moisturizer. As in person who yo-yo's in applying body moisturizer, not some hip-hop form of lotion. I always put lotion on my face. Every single day.
  2. I have a complicated relationship with my family.
  3. I hate baths.
  4.  I always wear my hair down.
  5. I wish my nose were thinner.
  6. I have always loved my freckles.
  7. I always follow too many TV shows, and end up getting behind and drop a few of them because I don't feel like catching up on them. If you don't feel like catching up on them, you probably shouldn't be watching them in the first place, right?
  8. I'm terrified of eating raw meat.
  9. I window shop online constantly.
  10. I rarely remember first impressions.
  11. I'm not a very good friend. As in, I'm too introverted to be the best possible kind of friend most of the time. I want to hang out with you, but I don't even think about inviting people to hang out a lot of the time. INVITE ME TO HANG OUT, please.
  12. When I'm having really complicated feelings, I have to write them out because I am not good at thinking or articulating complicated or awkward things without putting them to the page. I straight up write letters to boyfriends, y'all. I have had conversations off of written notes.
  13. I go long periods of time without crying. As I get older it gets a little easier to make me cry, but I'm not a big crier most of the time. I am also an ugly crier. Like my nose gets all red and my eyes get puffy and it just ain't cute.
  14. Most of my shoes are in neutral colors and that's something I really want to change.
  15. It is not uncommon for me to refuse to wear pants. Like, I just don't like wearing them a lot of the time. Dresses for life.
  16. I always wore pants up until college. I don't think I ever wore a dress to school in high school (except for, you know, special events. Not like to a regular school day).
  17. My life is a constant will she or won't she grow out her bangs drama (psst I won't).
  18. I love kids, but I also worry that I won't be a patient or selfless enough mother.
  19. I fall in love with people on the street all the time.
  20. I always have a million projects waiting for me to finish them.
Yours Truly, Jen

P.S. If you read this, you should totally leave a comment telling me a little something about yourself.


  1. Jen, I'm the same way as you! I'm mostly introverted and it's hard for me to think of inviting people to hang out. You're not alone :)

  2. love these posts, so fun learning about others! I too, am an introvert,


  3. This is so fun. Something about me--I love love love for everything around me to BE clean, but I hate being the one to make it clean. I'm just terrible at being motivated. Like right now, I'm halfway through cleaning the kitchen and got frustrated so I decided to blog instead.


  4. i can't handle pants either, #19 is just plain romantic, and I'm too tall for baths haha! And i think its sweet you sometimes have to have convos on letters. I constantly feel that when its time to fight or talk about something serious, all my bullet points fly out the window. So I can definitely understand the importance of that :)

    xo marlen

    Messages on a Napkin

  5. i totally feel you on the nose and dresses and my about me is I grew up abroad :)

    love from San Francisco,



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