Gift Guide | Person on the Go

You know that friend or family member is just never home? You think, I don't even know why they pay rent because they're always traveling or their commute is so long that they only sleep there or they spend all day working at a table in a coffee shop? Everyone knows someone like that, right? What do you get that person? Here are a few ideas for that person in your life who is always on the go.

Glass Water Bottles- You may already know about my love of glass bottles. I love that this is a 6-Pack (not to mention super reasonably priced) so you can fill them up and have them sitting on your counter or in your refrigerator so you can grab and go. This would be great for anyone constantly on the run: students, teachers, commuters, etc.

Gas Gift Card- This might seem like an impersonal gift, but some places actually offer a discount on gas purchased with a gift card. Your commuter will appreciate it!

Sephora Weekender Travel Bag- I love that this bag comes with spots to hold your brushes so they don't get damaged and multiple compartments for your makeup. No more digging around for that eyeliner at the very bottom of the bag or crushed brush heads. Great for any makeup artist or gal who travels a lot. There are some great toiletry bag options out there for men as well!

Grippy Pad- It is so frustrating when you're driving and trying to dig your phone out of your purse or seat cushion, not to mention a wee bit dangerous. Grippy pad gives your gadgets a safe place to sit where they are easily accessible but not in your hand. Great for busy people on the go, commuters, or road trippers.

iPhone Wallet- This product doubles as a wallet and an iPhone case, reducing the number of things a person has to keep track of. This one is really stylish, you don't have to remove the phone to use the camera, and has the option to be monogrammed for free. An overall great gift!

Audiobook- If you know someone who spends long stretches in the car at a time, an audiobook is a great idea. I've talked previously about my love for audiobooks here and here. If you don't know what the person would like, you can get them an Audible gift subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months and let them choose some books for themselves, or you could download a book and burn it to a CD (bonus: you get to keep a copy too!). A book on tape is another great option and are available online and in most bookstores.

Mini Emergency Kit- This is a great thing to have stashed in a purse or in the car. This little kit comes with 17 must haves for mini emergencies, including everything from breath freshener to a mending kit to earring backs. Great for the person who always likes to be prepared, is never home, or tends to be a bit of a hot mess (no judgement). Note: there is also one for him.

Pretty Umbrella- It's always good to have more than one umbrella, especially if you live in a rainy area. I have one that I keep by my front door and one I keep in the car. A pretty umbrella is a great way to perk up a dark day. 

Next week I'll be talking about some traveling trips for road trippers as a prepare to head back to Texas for winter break, and gift guide week will wrap up on Saturday. Where will you be spending the holidays?

Yours Truly, Jen


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