200 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 15 Dollars or Less

When I was growing up, we always did stockings first. We would all dump out our stockings and see what types of candy we got and what little trinkets were in there. My parents weren't huge on stocking stuffers. There would always be a thing or two in there besides the candy, but I know some people put like $25, $50, or even $70 gifts in stockings, and that is not how they rolled. Also, we always got a piece of fruit in the toe of our stockings. I don't know where that tradition came from, but we'd get an apple or orange usually. It was just something they did.

In my opinion, a good stocking stuffer is small in size and really inexpensive. Like less than ten dollars expensive. Fifteen, maybe. If you're making good money and have responsibly created a big gift budget, more power to you, do whatever you want. For the rest of us, anything more than that is approaching a full gift I think, especially for kids. But if you're spending money on something, you also want to make sure it's something that the person will actually use and enjoy, not just toss aside. I'm really big on not just buying junk for the sake of having bought someone something or having something extra to fill the stocking. I think gifts should be thoughtful, even the little ones, and people should be appreciative of whatever a person gives them. Here I've listed a ton of ideas for things that are small, affordable, and great little gifts. I know that there are some other lists like this out there, but these gifts are all things you can buy for less than 15 dollars, and don't forget that it's okay to gift gently used items as well! For some of them I've linked to stuff I'm loving around the web, but you can get whatever you know your stocking recipient will enjoy, especially if you can find it in store. I didn't separate these by categories or gender or age or anything; I thought I'd just overload you with ideas to have in your head as you finish your holiday shopping.

  1. Mascara
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Eyeshadow
  4. Lipstick
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Lip Gloss
  7. Cosmetic Brush/Brush Set
  8. Hand Lotion
  9. Hand Sanitizer
  10. Body Scrub
  11. Body Wash
  12. Bath Oil
  13. Bubble Bath
  14. Pumice Stone
  15. Perfume Samples or Rollerball
  16. Body Spray
  17. Face Mask Packets
  18. Face Mask
  19. Makeup Removal Wipes
  20. Sample/Travel Size Products
  21. Pony Tails
  22. Headband
  23. Hair Band
  24. Hair Brush
  25. Boar's Hair Brush
  26. Bobby Pins
  27. Hair Clips
  28. Comb
  29. Nail Polish
  30. Nail Polish Remover
  31. Cuticle Oil
  32. Eye Cover
  33. Tweezers
  34. Nail Clippers
  35. Nail Files
  36. Dry Shampoo
  37. Cosmetics Bag
  38. Shoe Laces
  39. Socks
  40. Thrifted Tie
  41. Scarf
  42. Earrings
  43. Bracelet
  44. Necklace
  45. Ring
  46. Keychain
  47. Sunglasses
  48. Reading Glasses
  49. Cleaning Cloth
  50. Glasses Case
  51. Eyeglasses Repair Kit
  52. Wallet
  53. Coin Purse 
  54. Jewelry Dish
  55. Beanie
  56. Luggage Tags
  57. Travel Tissues
  58. Travel Cotton Swabs
  59. Sippy Cup
  60. Pacifiers
  61. Teether
  62. Old Phone
  63. Cars
  64. Army men
  65. Small Stuffed Animal
  66. Small Figurine (Wrapped)
  67. Stamps
  68. Bouncy Ball
  69. Slinky
  70. Jacks
  71. Yo Yo
  72. Bike Light
  73. Mini Flashlight
  74. Glow In The Dark Stars
  75. Playdough
  76. Small Puzzle Game
  77. Bath Toy
  78. Trading Cards
  79. Mini Coloring Book
  80. Silly Putty
  81. Harmonica
  82. Deck of Cards
  83. Uno Card Game
  84. SKIP BO Card Game
  85. Phase 10 Card Game
  86. Car Games
  87. Crossword Puzzle Book
  88. Book of Sudoku
  89. Word Find Puzzle Book
  90. Mixed CD
  91. Music Album
  92. Jump Drive
  93. Phone Case
  94. Blanks CD's
  95. Earbuds
  96. Notepads
  97. Wall Calendar 
  98. Desktop Calendar
  99. Pens
  100. Pencils
  101. Erasers
  102. Pencil Top Erasers
  103. Pencil Case
  104. Ribbon
  105. Paper Clips
  106. Permanent Markers
  107. Mini Highlighters
  108. Flash Cards (age appropriate)
  109. Watercolors
  110. Colored Pencils
  111. Markers
  112. Paint Brushes
  113. Finger Paint
  114. Crayons
  115. Stamps
  116. Stationary
  117. Card Set
  118. Paper weight
  119. Push Pins
  120. Stickers
  121. Magnets
  122. Washi tape
  123. Craft Glue
  124. Glitter
  125. Craft Paint
  126. Yarn
  127. Knitting Needles
  128. Sewing Pattern
  129. Sewing Kit
  130. Labelmaker Labels
  131. Command Hooks
  132. Hot Glue Gun
  133. Scrapbooking Stuff
  134. Hand Punch
  136. Book Light
  137. Small Book
  138. World Almanac
  139. Pocket Dictionary
  140. Pocket Thesaurus
  141. Magnifying Lens
  142. Candle
  143. Candle Holder
  144. Potpourri 
  145. Knife Sharpener
  146. Kitchen Utensil
  147. Vegetable Peeler 
  148. Banana Hook
  149. Mug
  150. Travel Mug
  151. Water Bottle
  152. Pretty Straws
  153. Tea Ball
  154. Corkscrew
  155. Can Opener
  156. Bottle Opener
  157. Cookie Cutters
  158. Cloth Napkins
  159. Napkin Rings
  160. Pantry Labels
  161. Shot Glass
  162. Wine Stopper
  163. Kitchen Timer
  164. Magnetized Notepad
  165. WIne Glass Markers
  166. Small Tool
  167. Printed Photos
  168. Small Frame
  169. Plant Seeds
  170. Lighter
  171. Car Air Freshener 
  172. Tea Bags
  173. Airplane Bottles of Liquor
  174. Coffee Sample
  175. K-Paks
  176. Hot Cocoa Packets
  177. Energy Bar
  178. Gum
  179. Mints
  180. Tic-Tacs
  181. Pez Dispenser with Candy
  182. Fun Spices
  183. Fun Hot Suaces or other Condiments
  184. Piece of Fruit
  185. Truffles (Candy)
  186. Favorite Candy Bar
  187. Microwaveable Popcorn Bags
  188. Trail Mix
  189. Fudge
  190. Peanut Brittle
  191. Licorice
  192. Ribbon Candy
  193. Lifesavers
  194. Homemade Baked Goods
  195. Cash
  196. Gift Card
  197. Red Box Certificate
  198. Lottery Tickets
  199. Car Wash Certificate
  200. Roll of Quarters
If you're on a really tight budget, a lot of these items would make a great gift in their own right if you want more wrapped items under the tree. A couple of related items, like a mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, or wine screw, bottle opener, and wine glass markers, could be bundled together to make a cohesive gift, or you can break up gift sets and distribute the items throughout various stockings. There are lots of neat, unique, awesome stuff available in this price range if you shop around, but the dollar store/Target dollar spot definitely works too. Also note that many of these gifts could totally be DIY'd.

I know I always seem to forget to buy stocking stuffers until the last minute, so hopefully this list will help you (and me) get some great gifts before time runs out. What are your favorite stocking stuffers?

Yours Truly, Jen

P.S. If you missed them, check out my gift guides.

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