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Yesterday I turned in my first draft of my thesis to my thesis advisor. Woohoo! It still needs A LOT of work (and I'm not just being modest) but I'm looking forward to getting feedback and jumping on the revision horse. That being said, after a weekend of trying to get that draft as done as possible, I needed a little time to relax and unwind.

Last night, Andy and I went to see Blue Jasmine at The Lyric, which is a local not for profit movie theatre run by volunteers on donations. Monday night is free popcorn night, and tickets are five bucks. You just can't beat it. Guys, always support local movie theatres if you can.

Cate Blanchett is fantastic. The writing is great, the acting is wonderful, the story is comical and sad and moving. You will run the gamut of emotions. You will leave thinking you liked it, but not really sure why. You'll clarify your thoughts with time, make connections. The characters are familiar, yet distinct, carefully subverted stereotypes. The directing and editing is smart. I'm not a big Woody Allen fan (I'm not NOT a Woody Allen fan, I just haven't really followed his work), but I can see why people are when he puts out films like this. It'll do you good to get away from network television (no offense to network television, I love it too) and watch a character you sympathize with and hate and don't trust but want to see triumph. Characters like that are hard to write and so gratifying to watch.

 Do you watch Louie? I saw the first season what seems like forever ago, and when Andy wanted to start watch it last year I watched seasons one and two with him and was so sad when Netflix didn't have any more episodes. Well, season three is finally on Netflix, and Andy and I sat down and watched the first two episodes today. All I can say is this guy is funny and original and there's something for everyone. There is lots of talking about masturbation and parenting and relationships and life; chances are, something he says will offend you at some point (that's kind of the point). But his jokes are well crafted and smart and original and while the humor can be base at times, there's a lot of intelligence in the writing. Just watch it.

What have you watched and loved lately?

Yours Truly, Jen

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