The Wait is Over...My New Phone is Here!

Y'all,  I've had my iPhone 4 since July of 2011, and I've loved it. We've had some good times together. We've also had some frustrating times together. We've grown together. But my home button started getting finicky and my upgrade came in February; it was time to move on. 

But I waited. Because I bought my 4 just months before the 4s came out, so I wasn't going to do that again. I knew that this fall they would release a new iPhone, so I've held on to my upgrade, waiting for it to roll out. And it did! And then I waited for it to be time to order. And then I ordered! And then I waited over three weeks for it to finally come in. Which happened this morning. I am so freakin happy right now.

One thing I noticed today is how much better it is to a get a new gadget than it used to be. It used to be that you'd get a new thing and you'd have to plug it in and charge it all the way before you could even do anything with it, even try it out. A 24 hours delay of diappointment. But now, you pull your brand spankin new phone out of the box and it's ready to go, fully charge. It greets you with hello. It walks you through the set up. It quickly and easily downloads all of your e-clutter from the cloud. You don't even have to de-activate your old phone anymore. Upon activating the new one, the old one is automatically removed from your account. Can you believe that? I don't remember things being this easy, even three years ago.

I wasted no time in getting my phone organized and pretty. My lock screen image is from here. My wallpaper is from here (I am a super big fan of Design Love Fest's Dress Your Tech series). I'm in the process of shopping around for cute cases and will be sharing some top picks soon!

The only problem, I just realized, is that all of our iPod/iPhone docks (including the one on my nightstand which I use to charge my phone at night) are for the older models, so none of them are going to work with the smaller input on my new phone. Boo! That's one feature change I'm not happy to see.

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. oh my gosh, it's so pretty! so excited for you and your new toy!

  2. You were so smart to wait a few months! I have the new iTouch and I was pretty bummed when the adapter changed too. Plus, it's $30 for the tiny converter piece! I suppose it's better than buying a whole new iHome though.


  3. I hadn't even realized there was a converter piece. I really like my bedroom dock, so I am definitely going to look into that. Thanks!

  4. I spy Whit+Wonder iphone wallpaper :D congrats on the new phone!


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