2013 Beauty Awards Wish List

If you follow the beauty scene, you've probably started to see Best of 2013 lists cropping up already. Allure and Nylon, two magazine I'm email subscribed to, have both put theirs out. Obviously everyone has their own product preferences, but I love looking at these lists. I feel weirdly satisfied when a product I love make it on there and am also inspired to pick up some new products as well. I always keep a running list of products I want to try on my phone, and I've definitely added a few new ones this week (if you follow me on Pinterest you probably saw me pin a few as well!). I'm trying not to buy any new makeup products in the month of October, but here are a few products that I'm eying from these two beauty awards lists.

ELF contouring cream- I have to say, I may have to go ahead and pick this up next time I'm at Target since it only costs 3 dollars. I'm still loving my Flower duo, but I've been interested in trying a cream contour kit because cream products typically look more natural.

Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Wash- I absolutely love using sea buckthorn oil on my face, so I'd love to see what this wash can do for my body.

Oscar Blandi Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Heat Protect Spray- I have a Tre Semme spray that I like, but it's only intended to be used on wet hair. I love that this product can be used on dry hair as well, which comes in handy when you're doing touch ups on second or third day hair.

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo / Conditioner- I have been using my Joico K-Pak for the past couple of years and have loved how manageable it makes my hair. However, lately I've been noticing a lot of frizz and flyaways, which might be partly due to me curling my hair and partly due to the weather here in Virginia. Regardless, I'm looking for ways to smooth my hair without loading it up with products, so this might be my first step in that direction.

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer- I go through fazes with moisturizing. Sometimes I super religiously moisturize twice a day, and sometimes I go weeks without every putting lotion on. This yo-yo moisturizing isn't great for my skin, and I hate looking down and seeing cracking, ashy legs. Yuck. Even when I'm in a pro-moisturizer mood, I tend to focus on my legs and neglect the rest of my body. This spray looks like a great way to get some light moisture all over without a lot of to do.

Tangle Teezer Professional Detangling Brush- I saw this on Nylon's list and thought it looked cool, but didn't want to bother with ordering it. I was super interested though, because I know I've seen this same product recommended in at least one beauty blogger YouTube video (I believe Tanya Burr). Then I went to Sally Beauty to look around one day and saw it there, but it was like 12 dollars and I thought eh, I already have brushes at home, I don't really need it. Now it's on Allure's list too and I feel like I need it. Dangit.

Caudalie Divine Oil- I got a sample of this in a Birchbox one month and it smells absolutely amazing. I swear if I could just lather it on as a lotion, I totally would and never wear perfume again. This oil is also great for smoothing down flyaways and protecting your hair ends. The thing is, this stuff is so expensive. This is definitely on my Amazon wishlist, and I'm hoping someone will gift it to me. Unless I up and get rich I will probably never buy this for myself, but I am in love with it.

What's on your beauty wish list?

Yours Truly, Jen

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