What I'm Reading | Let's Pretend This Never Happened & 99 Problems But a Baby Ain't One

I'm currently working my way through two books right now, and coincidentally, they're both written by amazing female bloggers.

Right now I'm listening to the audio version (through Audible) of Let's Pretend This Never Happened, A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson a.k.a. The Bloggess. I'm about halfway through and I love how funny and original the stories are, and I admire the way she lets herself ramble and go on tangents, because I tend to write in parentheticals and am constantly going back to edit these out. She just lets them ride. The audio is recorded by she herself and, though we miss out on the pictures (which she describes instead), the audio adds a lot to the stories in my opinion because her voice really carries through and shows a lot about her personality. This is great, entertaining car listening, though I'm sure the print version is amazing as well.

After my friend Nicole over at Writes Like a Girl reviewed this book, I knew I had to pick it up. I'm trying to write a novel for my thesis right now about a blogger, and I was especially intrigued by how she formatted the book since it's written in blog style and comes with comments. It also happens to be a really interesting read and the short posts/chapters make it great nightstand reading.

I just realized, after posting these two cover arts, that these are not only two books written by female bloggers, but two memoirs. Wow. They both happen to also be incredibly funny and also moving at times, so they've got that going for them to. What are you reading right now?

Yours Truly, Jen

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