Small Goals & Houseplants

Saturday morning Andy and I were yardsaling (have I talked before about my love of yardsaling?) and on our way back home we saw a sign for a yard sale in our neighborhood. Awesome. On our way to that surprise yard sale, we passed some free plants on the curb in front of someone's house. Double awesome. We went to the yard sale and stopped to look at the plants on the way to our house. I grabbed two small plants, one in water and one in soil. They didn't come with any information, so I don't know what they are or what their care instructions are, so I'm hoping they don't immediately die on me. I love having plants around the house and getting more plants was on my 24 Before 24 list, so I was pretty excited to snag these for free. The red leafy one is sitting in my kitchen window and the purple flowers one in sitting on my desk. That one needs put in a prettier pot, but I'm going to wait a couple of days to make sure it's not going to die before exerting the effort. The great thing about small goals is that they are imminently manageable and when you check them off your list you get a boost of happiness and confidence in your ability to complete the harder tasks.

I hope you all are having productive yet relaxing weekends!

Yours Truly, Jen

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  1. i love that red leaf plant! i feel like having a plant like that in the kitchen might inspire me to eat healthier. or i might be totally wrong about that. either way, it's so pretty!


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