Simple Things

 Lately I've been craving toast like all of the time. And not just any toast. Sourdough toast. Jewish rye toast. Really good toast. When I was in high school I would go through phases in which all I wanted to eat was buttered bread, toasted or otherwise. In college I stayed with a good friend for a while and we started going to the farmer's market and getting awesome, fresh baked bread and we would just toast up a slice or two at the time and butter it generously and eat it throughout the day. We ate so much bread guys. Well, it's been a while, but the feeling is back. I went through a whole bakery round of sourdough in two days all by myself. Two pieces of toast at time, one with lots of butter, one with a light smear of jam. That's the good stuff. Now that I'm out of bread, I'm contemplating going back to the store for more. But we're going grocery shopping on Saturday. Can I make it for two more days without toast?

I've been thinking about cravings and wanting and desiring lately, and I've determined that there are three kinds: cravings that cannot be fulfilled, cravings that can be fulfilled but shouldn't, and cravings that can be fulfilled and should. Cravings that cannot be fulfilled being geographically difficult, such as when I want enchiladas from a particular restaurant in Austin (sorry, no 400 dollar plane ticket for that!), that are not presently available (store closed), or that are available but are not affordable (can't be dropping money on steak every time you want it). Cravings that shouldn't be fulfilled of course are most of them, like all the endless kind size candy bars you want to consume and those darn cupcakes and the bottomless bag of chips, and cravings that should be fulfilled are the ones that are financially possible and would either make you happy enough that it's worth the health cost or aren't really bad for you at all. Craving carrots? Go and get them! Craving sourdough bread? People of America, I say why not.

It's the simple things in life, really.

Yours Truly, Jen

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  1. loved this! thanks for sharing! wonderful blog you have.

  2. girl. i'm gonna be late to work because of it, but i'm gonna go make me some toast. i define my cravings by flavor. if i haven't eaten something sweet yet for the day, i will almost definitely not be able to eat real food. i always either want a cinnamon roll, tortilla chips, berries, or an avocado. those are sort of my four "categories." sweet and breakfasty, salty, healthy and sweet, or avocado.

  3. That's true. I guess it depends on what kind of craving I'm having. Sometimes I just want something that's sweet, or something that's salty, and it doesn't really matter what it is. And then I think of it by category. But if I want something specific, like a cupcake for example, I think, is this something I can have? Is this something I should have? Sorry to make you late, but toast is so good!


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