Hey guys, notice a new tab on the menu bar? I've added a shop tab with an Amazon shop store. Yesterday I started to write a post and got totally distracted setting this up so I decided to focus on that instead! I am frequently asked for product recommendations or what I'm currently using by my friends and family members, so I wanted to set up this shop so people could see what stuff I'm using/buying/reading/downloading/whatever. All of the products in this shop are products are I own or have used in the past and enjoy/would recommend. I'm still working on adding products, which has been a fun process, and will continue to update it as I discover new products (which of course I'll probably talk about on the blog as well). I will make a tiny amount of money if you purchase through the shop on the blog, but honestly it's pretty negligible and the shop is designed more for ease and browsing so don't feel obligated to purchase through there whatsoever. Also, if you have questions about specific products, let me know!

Yours Truly, Jen

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