Relationships & Walks & Blisters

Old picture, but thematically appropriate

Today was a day of grocery store disasters. Andy and I went to the grocery store this afternoon to pick up a couple of things for a party we're throwing this Friday and for dinner tonight and the store was completely out of the crackers we wanted and there were no fresh cherries (I guess those are out of season now) and the chopped pecans were not a good price so I decided to wait and look at Target when I go tomorrow for some other stuff. And then we get home and I think, I wish we had wine. And Andy says go back. But of course I don't, because we've only just gotten home. And then during dinner we realize we forgot to pick up the smoked sausage which we need to make our dinner tomorrow and we can't not make it because Andy's looking forward to it too much and we've already got pork in the fridge for it (yes, it involves sausage and pork and also bacon. I'll share the recipe later), so now we have to go back. Plus, Andy wants cupcakes and says the kind we like are on sale. Andy suggests we walk, which of course is so sweet because going on walks together was on my birthday list. So we go.

Well, we attempt to go, and then about halfway there I realize that my flats (remember my new black flats, the ones I featured on my August Favorites list? Yeah, those) are rubbing a blister into my heel, which makes no sense because I've worn these flats plenty. The heels I wore earlier in the day must have primed me for failure. And I stop and tell Andy to go back for the car (somewhat jokingly) and then he hesitates just long enough for me to say the hell with it, let's press on. Walk another minute, stop, realize I have bandaids in my purse. Put on bandaid, feel a little better. And so we get to the store with me in a bit of pain and we get to the wine aisle and find out a sale that's been going on forever and that we thought would go on forever has just ended yesterday. Bummer, but we still get the wine. On the way to the smoked sausage, Andy notices some Manager's Special ham, and he stops to marvel at it, and we start walking again and completely pass the smoked sausage, get to the end of the meat row and have to go back. We walk up to the front of store and pass el cheapo hot dog buns and grab some (Andy likes to eat hot dogs for lunch sometimes). Then we get to the cupcakes.

Now let me tell you about these cupcakes. Andy first discovered these actually, and back then they were in the refrigerated section of the bakery. You get four in a pack and the one we almost always get is double fudge. They are moist and delicious, have filling in the middle, and really excellent frosting. They taste great refrigerated so you don't have to eat them right away. They're a bit expensive for store cupcakes in my opinion, but we splurge on them every once in a while. Anyway, we get to the cupcakes and they are not, in fact, on sale. The strawberry swirl flavor is on sale and this flavor, I swear, does not exist. We have never ever seen it. This "sale" exists, in my opinion, to draw people over to the cupcakes and to trick you into thinking all of the cupcakes are on sale, which is of course what almost happens to us. For a moment I seriously consider not getting any cupcakes because of this deception. Then I notice that some of the cupcakes are 5.99 and some are 4.99 and have the same sell-by date, which is further deception. I wan to alert someone to this labeling issue but there is no one behind the bakery counter. I say, we're not getting these cupcakes. And then I hesitate.

Then Andy tells me a story of the future, about us sitting on the couch watching TV and me being cranky and him thinking I'm mad at him and me just wanting cupcakes (this has definitely NEVER happened before). So we decide (me still somewhat begrudgingly) to get some cupcakes. Then there is the matter of deciding on a flavor. Typically we would just grab the double fudge and be done with it, but there is a flavor we haven't seen beflore, fudge caramel swirl. It looks good, but Andy doesn't like caramel. Except that he wants it. Except that I think it will be too sweet. Obvious solution? Rock paper scissors. He wins, caramel swirl; I win, double fudge. First round (out of three) we match each other each time because obviously we're the same person. Second time I win. Grab the cupcakes.

Walk out of the Kroger, stop at a bench, apply another bandaid. Get halfway home, bandaid falls off. Little further, pull out my foot to check and I've got a righteous blister. Then, magically, I've popped it. Walk rest of way with foot half out of shoe. Ask over the course of this walk for Andy to carry me about a hundred times. He doesn't. Limp into house. Sit on couch. Let boyfriend apply Neosporin and fresh bandaids. He jokes, what if all of your 24 list activities end with you getting injured? I glare.

Yes, we are the couple loudly arguing over cupcake flavors and rock paper scissoring and buying wine six bottles at a time (cheaper that way, here) and cupcakes and hot dog buns and smoked sausage. And I guess that's the point of this story.

Yours Truly, Jen

P.S. Thanks to my friend Robert for taking this picture.


  1. Loved this story :) You two are adorable! It's definitely the little moments that make you smile.


  2. oh sweet girl! you had a DAY. but you had it with someone who was still willing to put neosporin on your blister and convince you to take an extra step that will bring happiness later on. he's a keeper, my dear.

    i truly hope you don't get injured during any more of these goals! and i hope those flats are still wonderful after the blister episode is over.

    xo nicole


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