Last February Andy and I went to AWP in Boston and stayed with his awesomely cool uncles. They have a gorgeous apartment with old hardwood floors and modern decor. The upstairs has slanted walls on the far sides (not unlike an attic) and the bathroom mirror is cut to fit the slant, that's how seriously they take this shit people. They also have a custom bookcase in the guest room that fits perfectly with the slant. They were getting ready to completely renovate their kitchen when we were there and were importing their appliances from Germany. Gah. I wish I had photographed everything in their apartment because I was so jealous of how cool and sophisticated they were. Double Income no Kids couples will just ruin/make your day.

In the morning they would eat homemade granola and yogurt which I love, and they would fill up two big thermal carafes with coffee and pour themselves hot cups all morning long. I found myself asking one of Andy's uncles about the coffee system because the coffee tasted so good and would stay hot forever. He said he could have a cup with lunch if he wanted, it would stay good that long. Their coffee also tasted amazing, which was partly the quality of their beans and partly the quality of their brewing process. When I got home I started looking into percolators, and kept trying to get Andy to buy me one for some reason (because he totally has a ton of money. Oh wait, not really) and eventually I realized that neither one of us were going to spend 50 bucks on a fancier coffee maker when we already had a working coffee maker (regular old drip kind, nothing special) and I let it go.

And then I had a birthday. And I woke up, and Andy said my present was already set up and out in plain sight somewhere. I walked through the house, and just as I was starting to say, I've passed it already haven't I, I spot this beautiful percolator out of the corner of my eye. It was the one that I wanted, and it was all mine (okay, he gets to use it too). I've been waiting to share it with you in case we didn't end up loving it that much, but, while we're still perfecting the bean to water ratio and all of that, we've definitely got a winner on our hands.

Things that are awesome about it:
-it's pretty
-it makes rich tasting coffee
-it's much less clunky and takes up less space than a drip coffee maker
-it keeps the coffee hot for a long time and never tastes burnt from keeping warmed on a warming plate like drip coffee maker would
-it can be unplugged and taken with you around the house
-we don't have to use filters, so that's one less thing to buy and bother with and we can just throw our used beans down the garbage disposal

-there is a learning curve
-there's no brew timer, so if you like waking up to a pot of coffee, you're out of luck. It only takes a couple of minutes to make 6 cups though, so if you can't wait two minutes you probably have a problem.
-we use slightly more beans that we did with the drip maker

We have decided we're okay with the drawbacks. We still have our other coffee maker (it's sitting down in our laundry room), so we can always go back to it if we need to.

The portable thing is probably one of the most useful features, and a feature that really sets it apart from the other coffee maker. We'll take it upstairs for easy refills while we're getting ready in the morning, set it on the dining table while we're eating breakfast, or taking it down to the den while we're watching Sunday morning TV. Weekday mornings I usually have to get up earlier than Andy to go to work, so I'll make a pot and bring it up to my office for easy warmups while I'm sipping my coffee and checking my email and things.

The funny thing is, I didn't even start drinking coffee until my second year of college, and now I'm all nutso bananas over a coffee maker. Who woulda thunk it?

Yours Truly, Jen

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