First Outfit Post!

You have been asking for outfit posts and I've been meaning to do them and haven't. Well, until yesterday. Yay first outfit post! Instead of taking a nap I finally asked Andy to show me how to use the timer on my camera (he's way better with my camera than I am and he actually learned camera and photography stuff in college) and went out in the back yard to snap some pics. And then I couldn't remember how to use my tripod. So I go inside looking totally pathetic and pouty lip him into helping me with the tripod, which he does and reminds me how to work the levels and everything, and we switch spots a couple of times until we find what we think is a decent spot, and then he decides, oh what the hell, I'm already here, I'll take your pictures. Which was super sweet of him and did save me a lot of running back and forth with the timer, but also made me feel super awkward because this is my first outfit post and I don't really know how to stand and I'm always awkward in photos anyway and he's telling me move over, stop putting your neck out like that, try this, try that, and I'm feeling him watching me and I'm feeling like a look silly (which I mostly do). I guess my career as a model will never be. Sigh.

After Andy thinks he's gotten a couple of decent shots, I go to look at them and realize that my shoes are not showing up in the pictures. In fact, they kind of look like they've been photoshopped off and that I just have a weird foot nub. After  having looked at them again, I also realize I was facing the wrong way and the sun was making me squint and casting awkward shadows. So not the cutest. I decide we need to move up to the driveway and waste no time telling Andy that he obviously hasn't cut the grass recently enough since the grass was swallowing my shoes. He really appreciated this constructive feedback.

There are also several pictures of me waving my hands around my head, because for some ungodly reason there were gnats and mosquitoes out like nobody's business. At like three o'clock in the afternoon. In mid September. In Virginia. WTF? Things I learned during this photo shoot? Don't go outside ever.

Hands, what are hands? What do we do with our hands when we are not using them? Also, how do we smile? Obviously I'm not a real human being, I'm just an alien who's pretending to be human.

My pictures will be better next time, I promise! Anyway, though this outfit is not best represented in these photos, I wanted to share it with you for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, I realized as I was walking to my car this afternoon that this is my first time wearing this sweater (which I bought a couple of weeks ago at Gap), and my first time wearing this skirt, which I thrifted from Plato's Closet at the beginning of the summer. I had originally planned to wear this skirt with a fitted white tee (over the summer), but for some reason never wore it out. Most of the skirts I've owned have been best with tucked in shirts, so this one was more awkward for me to figure out since it has a looser, more natural waist. I'm so glad I finally got around to wearing it, and I'll definitely be layering it with black tights as it gets cooler. This may also be the first time I've worn this necklace, which I know I've had since high school and believe was handed down to me. Now the shoes, those I wear. A lot. These are the most comfortable heels on the planet (more comfortable than some of the flats I own) and are totally trying to give out on me and I'm like no, stop, you can't, because I've bought a couple of other pairs of black heels anticipating these heels quitting on me and they just aren't that comfortable.

Things I love about this outfit:
-it's simple and chic
-the ballerina skirt is kind of whimsical and fun, but the neutral-toned purple and the length keep it practical
-it's totally work appropriate
-it would transition well to other situations as well
-there's lots of room to play with accessories
-it's comfortable

I have a lightweight black sweater with some broad stripes that's a little shorter, and I think I'll try that next time to help avoid some of the bulkiness around the midsesction I encountered with this particular sweater. A pretty blouse or button up would also be cute. More things to try!

 Can you believe we already have leaves in our front yard? I have no idea where this summer went, and apparently neither does my thesis. Yikes. What are your favorite fall transition pieces and/or favorite outfit photographing tips?

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. I felt like I was reliving my first outfit post all over again! I still feel awkward when taking pics. And where to put your hands, I still haven't figured that out! I completely agree about the grass. Half the time I can never see my shoes unless I kick up my leg or something. Your photos turned out great for the first time!

    Can't get over the skirt, it's soooo pretty! Looking forward to more fall outfits :)


  2. Thanks! I changed it like a million times yesterday and I almost settled on something I didn't love and then I came up with this and it's exactly what I wanted and didn't know I wanted. I definitely plan to take more and play around with standing and backdrops and things, and i think it will help to practice being in front of the camera without Andy being there so that I don't feel doubly self-conscious. I feel so wasteful having waited so long to wear this skirt, because I've pinned so many skirts like it and then when I had it I didn't know what to do with it. I got this sweater for like 12 bucks on sale at the Gap Outlet a couple weeks back, so get yourself a lightweight Gap sweater and try it!

  3. Yay for your first outfit post! I really love that tulle skirt - such a pretty color. And you styled it lovely! xo

  4. congrats on the first outfit post! i go through this every. single. time. i take outfit photos. i wish i could tell you it gets easier, and it probably does for some, but i literally run into some weird gnat-sun-disappearing shoe-what are hands-smiling is hard dilemma every time i take photos. but i mean that in the most encouraging way possible. i do really love the photos you got by the swing. super jealous that you found a ballerina skirt that length (and for plato's price!). i've been looking for one for over a year and keep coming up disappointed. i also totally know what you mean about styling skirts with untucked tops. how is there suddenly so much bulk? where does it come from? i will say, your photos don't show any bulk and i was super impressed with that, before you even mentioned anything about it in your post. i guess black sweaters are a good solution. slimming! intended to be a little bulky! will have to try that myself.


    xo nicole


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