Fall Wish List

 So, I wasn't going to write a September wish list because my birthday was on the first of the month and I got presents then and bought a couple of presents for myself and I just figured I didn't need to actively be thinking about buying anything else because I'm broke. But then yesterday I walked outside after getting done teaching and it was so cool. 70 degrees cool. It ended up getting up to 75 by mid afternoon but after the heat wave we had this past week, it was quite a change. As I walked down to the parking garage I realized that there were a couple of things that I started looking at in the summer knowing I would need them in the fall and never got around to buying, and suddenly it was like gasp, I'm going to need that real soon. So I decided to make a wish list for fall instead, with all of the essentials I've been shopping for.

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1. cognac riding boots-I bought a pair of black boots and a pair of brown boots when I moved to Virginia two years ago, and by the end of last winter both pairs were giving out on me. To be fair, that's just about all I wear for footwear in the winter, so they did suffer a lot of wear and tear. This summer I bought an awesome pair of black riding boots, but I've still been on the hunt for some cognac/brown ones. They go with everything, so it's so necessary to find a perfect pair. I've been eying these, but they're a bit out of my price range right now.

2. black tights-every fall I have to buy a new pair (or two) of black tights because I wear them so much they just get worn out by the end of the season.

3. quick dry lotion-I've been letting my hair air dry a lot lately, which is great for reducing damage, but isn't so great when the weather gets colder. Thing is, I'm so lazy when it comes to blow drying. It just takes too long. If this product will help reduce the dry time and smooth my hair, I'm all about it.

4. trench coat-I had a nice, lightweight black trench in college that was great for Texas winter because it doesn't get that cold there most days and I have no idea what happened to it. It probably wore out or something. I've been thinking about buying a trench for the past two years and just was not going to drop big bucks on one, but when shopping around this summer I realized it's totally possible to get one for a hundred dollars or less. I want one for cool fall days and rainy mornings.

5. curling iron-confession: I'm still using the same curling iron I've had since my mom gave it to me for Christmas my sophmore year of high school. Major props to the Revlon curler for still kicking, but I'm curling my hair pretty frequently now so it's time for an upgrade. I've heard good things about Hot Tools and they're super affordable, so I think I'll try those out before jumping to a hundred dollar model. Hopefully that jump will never be necessary.

6. 7. 8. jewelry-I am definitely guilty of neglecting to buy accessories. I feel like there are other things that I would rather spend my money on, but honestly, good accessories really have the power to elevate an outfit, so next time I'm thinking about buying a new lipstick I'm going to stop myself and buy one of these instead.

The thing that's not on this graphic but that I plan on scrounging through thrift stores to find anyway is some new blouses.  I've realized in the past couple of weeks that somehow I have tees and I have sweaters and I no longer have any blouses.

What's on your fall wish list?

Yours Truly, Jen

P.S. Ya'll, sitting in my sunny office with the air off and the windows open=heaven.


  1. I was also really surprised by the price. I had heard so much about them that I assumed they were really expensive and then when I looked them up I was like wow, these don't cost that much more than the Revlon and Conair ones you get at Walmart. Ulta has them for reasonable prices as well.

  2. Those boots are beautiful! I have a black pair too, but I think it's time for new ones. I'm really surprised by the Hot Tools curling iron though, I always imagined they'd cost way more. I'm still using my curling iron from high school as well lol, so I might need to purchase one too!


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