August Favorites

This post is impossibly long it seems. With back to school shopping and a mix of summer and fall picks, there was lots to cover. Hopefully you'll find something useful in this mess!


Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage liquid foundation-I loved Avon products for a while and then discovered some other great brands and moved away from it. I recently saw this Tanya Burr (recent Youtube obsession) video on drugstore foundations where she recommended this foundation. When I started getting my makeup organized (see: Makeup Organization Inspiration and Flexible and Affordable Makeup Storage) and started thinking about what things I needed to get to transition from summer to fall makeup, I realized that I didn't have any non-waterproof foundation. I tried the Loreal True Match foundation after reading some great reviews online, but it broke me out so I returned it. I thought about going back to my beloved Revlon ColorStay foundation, but I kind of wanted to try something a little less full coverage. So, I ordered this foundation. It was 8.99 which is a fair price for a big bottle. The packaging looks really nice, but the pump that came with mine did not work. Major bummer. I thought about returning it, but I thought I'd go ahead and give it a try, and I'm glad I did. Some people may not like it because of this, but it's got a bit of a yellow undertone which means it covers redness really nicely, and the redness of my face in my main reason for wanting to wear foundation. It also wears nicely throughout the day. (P.S. When I looked today it looked like they only had the darker colors in stock right now, so you may have to check back later)

Avon Be Blushed in "Blushing Nude"- I ordered this at the same time as the foundation and got it for 4.99 on sale. It comes in a tube that looks like a fat lipstick which makes it really easy to apply, and I just blend it with my fingertips. This is a great color to add a little depth and shimmer to your cheek so you don't look too flat with foundation on but is neutral enough that you can wear it with a smoky eye or a bright lipstick without looking like a hooker.

NYX Matte Lipstick in "Strawberry Daiquiri"- This is a great "better than you lips" lip color. I've never been a fan of nude lip colors for some reason, but this is a nice pink with brown undertones that's just a touch darker and richer than my natural lipcolor and instantly adds polish to any look. It matches with everything, so if I'm in a hurry or aren't sure what I want to do with my makeup, I reach for this.

Essie in "Butler Please"- This color is a bright cobalt blue and looks amazing against tan skin. Every time I looked down at my toenails I was instantly happy. I met up with some friends while wearing sandals and a girl friend of mine loved the color so much she basically demanded that I invite her over so I could paint her nails with it. That's when you know it's a winner.

Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk leave-in conditioner-This is a re-discovered favorite. I must have bought this bottle at least a couple of years ago (I hope it isn't expired. Hmm...) and stopped using it for a different product. This summer I got in the habit of showering in the evening (pool days!) so I wasn't really using any product in my hair. Except for this. I'd shower, squeeze the excess moisture from my hair, spray this in all over, comb out my hair, maybe spritz a little beach spray in there, and let it air dry.

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp-I don't have a lot to say about this except that it's amazing. A lot of people on Amazon noted that this is the same tool the folks use at their local salons, and that seems about right. I was a little scared I was going to take too much off and make my feet hurt, but that has never happened. Seriously, don't be scared. If you've been wearing sandals all summer your heels are probably not looking the best (my feet got so gross) so pick one of these up and just grate it away (Andy noted that this basically is a cheese grater for your feet. Gross but true).

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub- Andy thinks this smells like cookies; I just think it smells really nice. The container is amply sized and the scrub does a great job of smoothing out your skin.


Anne Taylor boyfriend jeans in coral-These are my new favorite weekend/errands pants. I think I actually could have gone a size smaller with them, but they're nice and loose and comfy and great for cuffing and wearing with a neutral tee and flats. That's how I've been wearing them, by I also want to dress them up with a fitted blouse and heels and wear them to work. I got these on clearance for around 15 bucks so they were really a great find.

Adrienne Vittadini black flats- These are like the black flats of my dreams. Patent, no rubbing, comfortable to walk in, structured but not overly stiff, plus they have the cute little detail on the inner side of each shoe. These are dressy enough that I can wear them in place of heels when I want but, being a flat, I can also wear with casual attire. Somehow I went about a year without a pair of black flats waiting for the perfect pair to come along and I knew these were them when I saw them at TJ Maxx. I think they were about 30 dollars, which is more than I would usually pay for flats but these were worth it. I couldn't find a picture of the pair I have online but I will definitely be posting more about them later.


(not published but discovered by/read by me in August or thereabouts)

Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris- This is a collection of essays and stories and is wonderfully honest and funny. I listened to the Audible version which I highly recommend as all the stories are read by Sedaris himself so really get his voice and personality from it. Awesome for listening to while driving or doing little chores around the house.

This article about a restaurant with no tipping. I would have loved to work at a restaurant like that.

5 Hilarious Reasons Publishers Rejected Classic Best-Sellers. Because sometimes publishers are dumb and that makes me feel better as a writer sending things out. I reject your rejection! You're stupid! (Hey, let me have my defense mechanisms)

Why are some people mosquito magnets? I have always joked that I get bitten more because I have a rare blood type, and it turns out it might be true.

Why Genre Matters. If you're a writer, an avid reader, a teacher of English, or otherwise within the literary scene, this may be of interest to you. It's a bit long, but it's interesting. Save it to your pocket and read it when you're stuck in a waiting room or something.

I'm sure with a couple more minutes of looking back through my Pinterest I could find ten more things to add to this list, so I'm going to stop myself here. I didn't even include recipes...another time. What are your August favorites?

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. i will be trying that scrub! i highly recommend the organix awapuhi ginger conditioner. i use the coconut milk shampoo and, together, my hair smells AMAZING and is so soft. i'd been using mane & tail forever, so my hair is really happy with the change. i've also heard great things (from the small things blog) about the new biotin and collagen conditioner.

    i can't believe i left the owl book off my to-read list the other day! i'm glad to hear it's so good!

    xo nicole

    1. I have been using Joico KPak for the past couple of years and have really been liking it, but my hair has more flyaways than I'd like and it doesn't have a really delicious smell (not bad at all, but not something to look forward to) so I've been considering giving something else a try. I'll definitely look into those! I don't think I've ever tried Biotin shampoo/conditioner, but I tried a couple of their other hair products and was not thrilled (too sticky I think it was) so I've been hesitant to drop the money on another one of their products. But you never know.


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