Saturday Mornings & Cheat Days

I like to start out Saturday mornings with a good breakfast. We're talking something I don't typically have time to make on a week morning, like waffles. I've talked about my love for these lemon poppyseed ricotta waffles before, and I made them for the second time this morning and felt the need to share them again. These waffles are not clean (see: all-purpose flour, granulated sugar), nor are they necessarily diet friendly. But sometimes you have to treat yourself.

When I talked earlier this week about my weight loss strategy, I did not talk about cheat days. I hadn't really thought about it honestly, and I wanted to see how well I would do on the actual diet before thinking about giving myself breaks from said diet. I've done pretty well this week, but I've also realized that a 1200 calorie diet is extremely limiting (basically zero room for dessert or alcohol, which is good for weight loss but not for my happiness). This Saturday happened to be the day of the Ruritan Fish Fry, which is hosted by some wonderful old folks down at a local church and Andy and I were not going to miss it, diet or no. A friend of ours also happened to be in town this weekend and poker was proposed as a way of getting several friends together, which of course must involve cocktails and snacks. Circumstances added up to a big fat cheat day, and I decided that was okay. I had my waffles and a modest lunch, and I'm not going to go crazy on all you can eat fried fish and I'm only going to have one piece of cake and unsweet tea. It will be enjoyable, and a cheat, but it will also be reasonable.

I like to catch up on my email checking, blog reading, Facebook snooping, Pinterest-type things in bed, especially on the weekend. Sometimes on the couch in the living room or in the den while Andy watches the Food Network, but usually here. I may have also played a couple of levels of Candy Crush, but that's beside the point.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of your feet? I honestly don't think I ever have before this very day, and I found it remarkably difficult to get a flattering photo of my own feet. Gee whiz. I've had Penny Talk by Essie sitting on my dresser waiting to be used for about 3 weeks now and I finally go around to using it. Andy described it as "a metallic nude color" and I think that's about right. It's almost rose gold and it adds a little sparkle to your feet.

Saturday mornings are also good for leisurely showers, exfoliating (I'm loving this scrub right now), shaving, and gussying yourself up so you can be the fanciest gal in the room. I firmly believe that there's no such thing as being overdressed and that days you wear lipstick are bound to be special. Curl your hair while you're at it, and ignore badly behaved bangs.

Tomorrow I'll be back on the diet bandwagon. This week I have some delicious, diet-friendly recipes to share with you, as well as my evening skincare routine (see my morning skincare routine and my skincare journey here and here), so stay tuned for those. Also, if you haven't already, follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Friend Connect (sidebar), or Bloglovin!

Yours Truly, Jen

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