Makeup Organization Inspiration

I've talked before about the bad spending decisions I made in college, when I had fewer bills and a brand new interest in beauty. Beauty products continue to be something that I struggle to restrain myself from over-purchasing. Most beauty products can be easily shopped for online, and you don't have to worry about them not fitting. You don't have to worry about gaining a couple of pounds and them no longer fitting. You get to play around and try new looks. There is a promise of smoother, more natural looking complexion, or longer lashes, or a different flush.

People, I've got a makeup collection.

It really isn't that big. I'm pretty good about pruning items I don't like or use or that are old and icky. If you do a quick "makeup organization" Pinterest search you'll see some pretty extensive makeup collections, and mine is not that big. But, I have not yet found the perfect way to organize it, and so I don't try new things as much and there are lots of pretty eyeshadows that aren't getting used.

Last night I got a real itch to search around for some makeup organization inspiration. Over the summer I've been going to the pool quite a bit with the kids I currently babysit, so I've been limited to only waterproof makeup so I haven't really been playing with eyeshadow or anything anyway. Now that classes are getting ready to start and my babysitting position is about to end, I'm wanting to get my makeup more organized so that items can be quickly and easily found and that I'm more inspired to use the products I've invested in.

 I covet her cleanly organized drawers so hard. I watched this video the other day and it's probably what gave me the itch to get my makeup more organized.

I love vanities. They are so pretty and inspiring and I swear if I had one I would just sit around and do my makeup all day.

I love the clean modern/vintage look of this one, but it definitely does not have enough storage for me.

I've recently started looking at more pictures like this, which are less of the old glam vanity and more contemporary, makeup-artist, behind the scenes of a movie set type look.

This one reminds me of a hairdresser's station at a salon, and I love the idea of having a place where hair, makeup, and skincare can all be housed and used.

A tower like this doesn't give you a station to work at, but if you had room next to your dresser or vanity in the bathroom, it would give you one space to keep all of your stuff.

I love these wide, ultra divided and organized drawers.

Unfortunately, after looking at all of these inspiring photos, I started to think about my current living situation and the limitations I'm dealing with. I used to have all of my beauty stuff in the hall bathroom, which isn't big but is at least a little bigger than the closet of a bathroom we have attached to our master bedroom. Lately we've been having a lot of guests, so I've been relegated to sharing that tiny bathroom with my boyfriend. Yikes. I would love to have a vanity, and could make room for one in the bedroom, but the light in the bedroom isn't very good and I tend to get up earlier than my boyfriend, so that wouldn't really work with him trying to sleep while I'm sitting there at my vanity with the lights blazing trying to get ready to go. I could move my makeup to my dresser but there's the same problem as with the vanity, and I don't want to move my makeup into my office because that feels like it should be separate. So, I'm basically stuck keeping my makeup on the over-the-toilet hanging shelves which are not super deep or tall, though they are reasonably wide.

I'm in the process of shopping around for acrylic organizers. I think if I can find one or a combination of ones that would accommodate the amount of makeup I have and fit into the shelf space I have, that would be a really nice solution. I'll let you know when I end up with!

How do you keep your makeup organized?

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. dago and i realized the other day that my one issue with moving in together is only using one side of our sink for my "stuff." i really don't have a lot of makeup and it lives in a little clutch purse anyway, but what i lack in makeup i make up (haha, pun unintended) for in hair accessories. i have a giant headband collection, more bobby pins than i could ever find at once, and plenty of fun clips and ties. not to mention my two curling irons, hair straightener, blow dryer, dry shampoo, teasing brush, regular brush...the list goes on. and it goes on his side of the counter. he actually asked me "do you even use all of this stuff?" which we decided will be the chapter title for the book we eventually write together about moving in with your S.O.

    all of that to say that i, too, struggle with organization. i have found some really cool organization pieces at ikea that work for me (when i actually utilize them). i have some cool stacking boxes that look like tiny japanese lunchboxes for hair clips and jewelry, and a wide glass vase/bowl thing that i keep my curling irons and brushes in. i actually got the vase thing in the "as is" section of ikea, so it was only a buck or two.

    wow, longest comment ever. basically, i'm saying to look in places you wouldn't expect for organization pieces. also, it doesn't hurt to go by a beauty supply store and see if they'll let you have/buy a display piece they aren't using anymore. my mom used to bring home TONS for me when she worked in a beauty supply warehouse.

    good luck! i can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Yeah, I have found something that I think would work really nicely, but it would be 50 bucks with shipping which is actually fairly cheap for what I'm looking at but I'm going to shop around. I love coming up with super cheap or free solutions, and considering I'm going to be moving in less than a year (in all likelihood) I'm not looking for any expensive/permanent solutions.


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