Hey, It's Tax Free Weekend

 Here in Virginia (and in many other states), it's tax free weekend, meaning school supplies and regular clothing are on sale tax free this weekend! If you don't live in Virginia, check out this chart to see when your state's tax free weekend is. Not sure what tax free weekend is or what all is included? Check here for more information. The list is pretty inclusive, so essentially any school supply costing less than 20 dollars and any article of clothing costing less than 100 dollars qualifies. Unfortunately I have to wait until Sunday to do my shopping due to previously scheduled plans (hoping everything won't be all picked over!), but I definitely plan on taking advantage of this tax free weekend. Lots of stores have good sales in conjunction with tax free weekend and even if not, not paying taxes can save you a pretty penny. I plan on buying new pens, notebooks, and printer toner, as well as shopping around for work appropriate clothing and versatile fall pieces (okay, and obviously shoes). There isn't too much shopping available here in Southwest Virginia, but I'll probably be going to Staples, Target, Gap Outlet, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Old Navy.

Remember: just because something's on sale doesn't mean you need it or that it's a good price, only buy things that really fit and flatter your body and that you love, go for versatility, be fiscally responsible, and treat yourself to something nice.

Are you planning to go shopping this tax free weekend?


  1. exciting! i wish we had a tax free day! your blog is so lovely.

    1. Thanks for reading! It's new and growing, so check back.


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