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Blogging was just not going to happen yesterday. I was on a deadline for a freelance project I've been working on and off for all summer and it finally had to be done. Which it is. So now I will share with you my evening skincare routine (Check out my morning skincare routine here and my skincare journey here).
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 I have kept my evening skincare routine pretty simple, because otherwise I absolutely will not do it on a daily basis. For a while I was reading all of these posts from beauty bloggers who talked about routines that have to be started an hour and half before you go to bed because of product leave-in time and blahblahblah and I was just like so not going to happen. This routine is quick, simple, and covers makeup removal, face cleansing, acne prevention, anti-aging, and redness reducing. Those are the target issues I wanted to hit with these products.

1. Remove eye makeup with eye makeup remover. I'm using the Up & Up brand from Target because it's cheap and works great (even on Waterproof products), but they don't seem to sell it online, so the link takes you to the Neutrogena makeup remover (which is what the Up & Up is supposed to compare to, just for a little more). Dampen cotton ball with product (one per eye), rub gently over the eye area, and rinse with cool water.

2. In the process of rinsing off my eye makeup remover, my face gets damp, so without adding any more water I apply Loreal sensitive skin wash all over my face with my fingers.

3. With the face wash still on, I go all over my face with my Clarisonic Mia, which gives a nice deep clean. Removing makeup with the Clarisonic will make your brush head a little stained looking and dingy, but eh. I used to always use two different face washes at night to make sure I was getting every single bit of makeup off, usually this all-purpose face wash by Neutrogena and then a targeted face wash, but I've actually found my skin to be clearer since switching to this method (not to mention less time consuming). I do not use my gel cleanser twice a day because it dries me out. I have tried using gel cleansers with my Clarisonic and that dries me out really bad. I basically only like to use cream cleansers with my Clarisonic and that's worked out well for me. Side note: I've used expensive cream cleansers, and I love this one. It does not irritate my skin and works perfectly with my Clarisonic. Side note 2: yes, I use my Clarisonic just about every night. Sometimes on the weekend I'll take a break from it, but I've never experienced any problems. I've read some places that you should only use it 2 or three times a week, but I really like the way it completely removes my makeup and keeps my face clear. You really just have to try it for yourself and see what works for you. Side note 3: The Clarisonic is an investment. If it's not in your budget, save up (that's what I did) or ask for it as a gift. You can also purchase cheaper models like the one from Olay if you're not sure if you'll like it.

4.  Swipe witch hazel on a cotton ball all over face and neck.

5. Apply this Alpha Hydroxy lotion all over face and neck. Okay, so a couple of things about this product: the bottle recommends you do a patch test, and I would recommend that too. The first couple of times I used this it irritated my skin somewhat (felt tingly/itchy), and I broke out. I stopped using it and went back to it a while later, had no more problems, and my skin has been so much better. This says it's for dry skin, but I haven't found it too be overly heavy/greasy. I only use it at night (the bottle recommends use twice daily) because it causes sensitivity to the sun and I just don't want to deal with that during the daytime and once a day is enough for me. This product is awesome for acne and anti-aging. Only use a tiny bit! A little bit goes a long way. If you're using a retinol or retanoid you can alternate nights between this and your other product. This product is super affordable, especially for an anti-aging product, and if you scroll through the reviews on Ulta you will definitely want to try it. Plus, one bottle lasts about a year and a half with once daily use (for me anyway).

6.  Let lotion soak in for a couple of minutes, then rub a couple of drop of seabuckthorn oil onto face. This oil does a bunch of good things for your skin: it's moisturizing, it reduces redness and inflammation, and it's good for acne. I do not use a moisturizer because I use this oil, but if you have dry skin you can always combine. I know you're like ew, I'm not putting oil on my face, but it's awesome. I have somewhat ruddy complexion, and this really helps balance it out. Side note: the bottle tells you to put a couple of drops on each affected area, but I only use a couple of drops for my whole face.

Occasionally I do a mask, but that's a whole other post, folks. When my skin was really bad I obsessively did masks because I thought they would fix everything, and now that my skin is pretty cooperative I don't do them very frequently.

This routine is seriously the period at the end of my day. After this I know it's time to read or play a little game on my phone and go to sleep. It's calming and methodical to go through this routine and once you've invested in all of these products, you won't have to replace most of them for six months to a year.

What's your evening skincare routine like?

Yours Truly, Jen

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