Back to School Checklist Challenge



Sometimes I wish that summer was endless. I'm going back to school in less than two weeks and I'm just not ready yet. With that in mind, I'm making myself a checklist of things to get done before classes begin to make my transition back to school as smooth as possible.

1. Get makeup and hair organized (see my makeup organization inspiration post here).
2. Along with point 1, get bathroom all cleaned and organized.
3. Transition closet from summer to fall wardrobe.
4. Update Closet app to incorporate new clothes and remove items digitally that have already been removed physically from my closet
5. Make my office a clean, organized, inspiring space.
6. Clear out digital clutter on my computer and organize files.
7. Write at least 20 pages for Thesis.
8. Make homemade bread.
9. Make homemade granola.
10. Get out of town and do something fun. Hiking? Camping? Weekend trip? Nice dinner out?

What are your plans for this end of summer?

Yours Truly, Jen


  1. I hate changing from summer to fall clothes! That's the hardest part in my opinion!

    Lorraine xx

  2. It can be kind of exciting to see clothes you haven't seen in a while, but timing the switch can be a little tricky. My fall/winter wardrobe is bigger than my summer wardrobe because it has all of my more profession looking clothing, so I have to make some room!


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