August Wish List

This fall I will be starting my third and final year of graduate school (where did the last two years go?). I'm looking ahead to busy weekday mornings, a stylish work wardrobe, and an organized, inspiring home with this month's wish list.

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1. I have been really wanting new bedding for about a year now. I like the one I have okay, but I bought it in a rush at Target because I needed SOMETHING to put on my bed after I bought my queen size mattress. I'm really wanting to lighten up my bedroom and give it a natural, airy feel, so I've been looking at white and light colored bedding, as well as statement colors with pretty floral-type patterns // 2. This eye and cheek palette would be so easy to throw in a bag for touch-ups, not to mention making my morning makeup routine a breeze // 3. This summer I've been going to the pool a lot with the kids I've been babysitting, which means a lot of showering and shampooing. I'm looking forward this fall to returning to my shower every 2-3 days with dry shampoo in between. This product is supposed to make your hair sleek, shiny, and manageable, block out humidity, and extend the life of your style, so it sounds worth a try to me // 4. My pants collection is absolutely dismal. I've been wearing shorts and sundresses all summer. I think I have one pair of pants that has lasted since when I bought jeans last fall. I'm planning on taking advantage of tax free weekend and shopping around for some new pants and comfortable work clothes // 5. I don't think I've owned a watch since high school. I've had one hanging out on my Amazon wish list for a while now. It's one of those things I don't really need and is expensive enough that I'm probably going to wait until someone gifts me one or go without, but the rose gold ones I keep seeing are so cute and versatile and would really add to any outfit // 6. This February I was at a conference and one of the straps on trusty work/school/laptop tote broke on my lunch break. Luckily there was a mall right there, so I quickly found and bought the first decent looking handbag I could find that was under a hundred dollars and was big enough to fit my laptop. I still like that bag, but I really wanted a bag with a crossbody strap for ease and comfort when walking across campus and taking the bus // 7. My cookbook collection has just exceeded the cabinet space I have for them, and I have just enough room in a nook for a bookshelf like this to artfully store all of my cookbooks, not to mention dishes and other miscellany // 8. Did you hear? H&M finally launched their US online store. As someone who lives nowhere near a bick and mortar store, I'm super excited to finally gain access to some of their clothes. This fall/winter I'm determined to get away from my jeans and sweater daily uniform, and this skirt might just be the trick.

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