My Skincare Journey

Clear skin has always been so integral to my level of confidence. It's amazing how one large or badly placed zit can ruin a day or week of your life, make you feel like you don't want to leave the house, make you spend all of those extra minutes trying to pat on concealer, extra layers of foundation. The women in my family are blessed/cursed with young skin. Blessed in that we tend to age gracefully (my older sister once taught at a middle school and was mistaken for a student more than once) and cursed in that we are stuck with acne for life. My mom is in her fifties and she still gets acne people, mkay? So from my very first middle school pimple, this was something I knew I was going to have to live with...that is, until I discovered Ulta and Sephora in college.

In high school I had only ever used drugstore skincare and makeup products. The beauty aisles at Walmart were a hallowed place. You see, even though I grew up in a family of women (two older sisters, two younger sisters. My brother took a long time in getting here), neither my older sisters nor my mother were particularly girly. They weren't really into all of that stuff. So everything I had learned about hair and makeup I had either figured out for myself or read in Glamour magazine. But then in college I had this roommate who was a little more schooled in the ways of makeup and skincare, used some more expensive products, and had a mom who was equipped to dispense beauty advice and help pick products.  From watching her and starting to read more about beauty and skincare, I developed my very first skincare routine, basic stuff like taking off makeup at night and putting on lotion twice a day. Drugstore products had never produced the results I wanted, so I wandered my way into an Ulta, bought my first expensive skincare line (we're talking 100 dollar line here; I believe it was Murad), and found that it did nothing for me.

For the next three years I spent a lot of time in Ultas and Sephoras, spending way more money than I had on face wash after face wash, lotion after lotion, topical treatment after topical treatment, mask after mask, sure that one day I would find the magical combination that would clear up my skin. I thought that these expensive products would be my skin salvation. And then I went to grad school in Blacksburg, Virginia where there isn't a beauty store for miles around. Back to the aisles of grocery stores and Targets and Walmarts I went, and after a little trial and error (and a lot of beauty blog reading!), my skin has never looked better.

Stay tuned for my morning and evening skincare routines and thanks for stopping by!

Yours Truly, Jen

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